Working... But Thanks Joe!

Not much… VFLOAB has been busy on a few things for the site (oh! My! Gosh!) so you’ll have to settle with this random shites.

Breaking news on the ‘this is sort of funny, sort of crazy, and boy was this guy really was a madman’ front. Stalin wanted to create a super army consisting of… you guessed it, half man-half-ape soldiers. Read to believe. But how scary would that army be? Seriously, think about a bunch of half-man-half-ape soldiers decked out in red and yellow with goofy hats and shouting "I love Stalin!" in Russian? I think that might be the most fearful thing in the world... bad dreams man.

"It's a sad day for Joe Horn..." VFLOAB thanks Joe Horn for giving us the sports quote of the year (took ya all long enough): "It's a sad day for Joe Horn because that's the only guy that's been throwing me the ball for the last five, six years.” – Joe Horn

Even though it’s under going some changes, this is our favorite NBA blog. And speaking of the NBA they easily have the best sport writers and stories. Maybe there is more to write about, but the fact is, I love reading about the NBA because the game just seems to have better writers.

We love the Sports Guy, Bill Simmons, who writes for ESPN.com on Page 2. But this radio gig is not going well for him. He’s okay on the radio, there may be something there, but his partner is bringing him down big time. The guy is just brutal. It’s sort of like watching LeBron with the Cavs his rookie year… he’s got the talent, he’s still a bit raw, but it’s there and he’ll do something amazing, but his teammates just aren’t there for him. Just no support in anyway.

That’s good for now… we’ll have more soon, we (I) swear including some of our favorites from 2005 and Bush and this spying stuff which should scare the shit out of all of us.

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