Thoughts from Nov. 2nd and Nov. 3rd

I don’t have a PC at work that I can use right now so here are the random thoughts I’ve jotted down…

• “You don’t miss me… I know.”

• Why has the Left had such struggle uniting? Is the Left too revolutionary or progressive? To big and grandiose? Has it to do with the thought process or intellect of it? Or is it something more in the realm of so many people attempting to achieve a goal, but all of them seeing a different means of getting there? In other words, they fight over the means of achieve a goal, forgetting about the goal in the process? Or does it have to do with that fact that usually the Left does not have the power and is not in an economic situation, and therefore all efforts to unite are difficult because of the lack of funding? The Right on the other hand is reactionary or defensive; they can take up a cause and put their feet in the ground. But the Left is so often on the attack or being the aggressors, that It’s difficult for them to come together.

• Why don’ the Dems label Alito as either homophobic or as a sympathetic to gays. In other words give Rove a taste of his own medicine.

• China works as an authoritative government and free economy because it is NOT an information based, or even market based, in its system. Since the government controls everything and they do not want to give up their power, they’re going to do whatever they can to improve peoples lives while not giving up that power. So they embrace a free economy but only to a degree. The government is happy to allow certain individuals to have access to the information and market, but not everyone. And they’re more than willing to be the workshop of the world.

• On terror, terrorists, and torture… when did we allow the terrorists to define us and our actions? “If the terrorists did it…” is not a reason for us to do the same. We as a country were founded on ideals like freedom, liberty, and life. And if we want to promote freedom it is our duty to not be hypocritical. To promote freedom we must respect freedom. To promote liberty we must honor liberty. And to spread life, we must protect life.

• Bud Selig takes a lot of heat in the media because he’s based out of Milwaukee. Since he isn’t in New York the media feels that they can take pot shots at him since they don’t have to answer to him, deal with him, or if they need something he’s not in New York so Selig is in a tougher position to play the media game.

• The best park about winning may be that at random times you think… “Hey we won! We won the World Series!” and you smile and feel good.

• The bird flu… wouldn’t it be cheaper, safer, and morally correct to hit the flu at the base of the problem? In other words try to stop it in Southeast Asia before it spreads? I know that’s a difficult task, but why prepare for when it’s going to hit the USA or Europe? By then isn’t it too late anyway? Should we also be concerned about peoples not in the West?

• Why are we blaming oil companies for making money again? Is it their fault that oil costs an arm and a leg?

• Let’s give it up to Illinois on the Hill! They’ve got Denny Hasert, the #2 Democrte in the Senate in Dick Durbin, can do no wrong SuperHero Obama, Henry Hyde, Jesse Jackson Jr., and Rahm Emanuel. Nice work Illinois.

• After reading about these secrete prisons… the abuse of power and the White House is starting to approach Soviet like standards and tendencies at this point.

• Let’s see here: we’ve had prisoner abuse… the outsourcing of prisoners to other countries so that they may be tortured… secrete prisons… detainees held without being charged or trials… what’s next? How much worse is this going to get?

• Wait… you mean a large middle class with economic opportunity in a free market with a free and steady flow of information along with an open minded out look are the main ingredients to a democracy? You don’t say? And that’s what we should be promoting and fostering in the Middle East? No shit! What’s next that you’re going to tell me. That either Karl Rove or Dick Chaney is the Anti-Christ? (for the record, I’d guess Chaney. Say what you will about Rove, he’s still more an evil-genius. At some point you just have to admire in spite.)

• Is there a power struggle in the White House between Chaney, Bush, Rice, and to a degree Rove? That’s something to watch for.

• Reason #9,583,355,491 why tax cuts for the rich do hurt the poor… since we’ve cut taxes for the rich and took away that income and now are spending more money than we have as a government we have to cut back on services so what do we cut back on? Tax deductions? Tax breaks? Property taxes? Kick backs? No… food stamps and Medicaid! Let’s make the poor, poorer!

That’s good for now… I’ve been able to read the Journal, Post, and Times’ front section each day the past two days and I’ll pass on the best of the best that I’ve read… oh wait I can’t with the Journal or the Time’s Op-Ed page! Anyway… quickly:

Interesting look at the White House, US, and Latin America at the moment.

It’s hard to not like Tim Kane after this profile in the Post today. Seems like a good guy and a genuine guy. I like him a lot.

There will never be love lost between myself and Francis Fukuyama, but I’ve got to say this is the most thought provoking piece I’ve read in the last two days (though I loved Bob Herbert’s Ob-Ed in today’s Times).

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