Back to Biz

With the White Sox getting back to business today (buying out Carl Everett and picking up an option on Cliff Politte) I figured that it might be time for VFLOAB to start getting back to biz.

But we'll start slowly.

The city of Toronto approved the funds necessary to build a soccer stadium meaning they will have a MLS team in 2007. I like this move to be honest. Toronto is a big city and extremely diverse, an MLS team should do okay there. Anytime you get Canada involved in anything is always a good time. And after the what looks to be failure of the Chivas team in LA, the MLS needed to look in another direction in terms of expansion. I'm sure last year they had dreams of Man U, Chelsea, and Arsenal funding and backing teams like Chivas did in LA. But that looks pretty unlikely now. None-the-less MLS has shown the willingness to be flexible yet progressive. I don't know the ins and outs of the league, but I think they're doing a nice job for what it's worth.

Of course with Toronto joining that means the MLS needs on more city to join. According to the article Philly, Houston, Cleveland, Milwaukee, and St. Louis are the leaders. Milwaukee? No offense, but if anyone is that soccer mad, they'll make the hour and half drive to Chicago. I'd cross that out. And Cleveland? Huh? I don't get that pick. St. Louis is interesting and I'd think it would work. Houston... after the World Series they shouldn't have any teams in any professional sports. So that leaves Philly... and you have to figure it's Philly's to lose at this point. A team in Seattle is always to be considered, but we'll have to wait and see.


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