Thinkin' About...

VFLOAB has much to say... just so little time to say it right now. Just a few quick thoughts...

* The Washington Post should fire Bob Woodward.

* The number of cops around the White House is shocking. Seriously, it's almost like what you would see if you were watching a Hollywood movie and there's some bad guy big shot drug dealer and all his security people around him protecting him... just nuts.

* This is a fantastic article about the fantastic song by the Hold Steady "Chicago Seemed Tired Last Night." Breaks down the song and the meaning of the lyrics in the song. Any song that mentions Nelson Algren is a great song in VFLOAB opinion.

* Time for liberals, I'm sorry progressives, to start to make some noise about what they want. And this is a great start. If the right can do it, then the left can do it. If they want to make admendments, then the left should make admendments to the Constitution.

* VFLOAB have been closely following the return of former President of Peru, Alberto Fujimori's return to South American. He landed in Chile two weeks ago and is in jail there as Peru tries to get him extradited. Chile still has not freed him and doesn't look like they will. While VFLOAB didn't follow Fujimori's career in politics in the 1990s, Fujimori is wanted on corruption charges in Peru and it his time as President in Peru was a threat to democracy in the country. Bringing him to justice would be a welcomed sight as long as he also got a fair trial.

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