Week 10 Picks

Really quickly here…

BILLS (-2.5) over Chiefs
There just seems something weird about this line. Would this really be a pick ‘em on a neutral field? Aren’t the Chiefs a better team? Maybe the Bills aren’t that bad… and they are coming off a bye week. I like the Bills.

Redskins (+1) over Bucs
The Sinks aren’t good, but they aren’t bad.

GIANTS (-9.5) over Vikings
If the Vikings go 6-2 to finish the year, I wouldn’t be surprised. But the Giants are really good at home.

FALCONS (-9.5) over Packers
The Packers stink.

RAIDERS (+3) over Broncos
Just a feeling… probably the wrong feeling, but a feeling.

BEARS (+13) over 49ers
This line is way to big until you realize that:
1) The Bears are at home
2) The Bears D might be the best in the NFL
3) Cody Pickett is starting on the road in Chicago against a good defense.

Last Week: 3-3-1
Overall: 26-24-1


Ilk said...

I'm fixing to tell you what, Otters.

I took the Pack, Lions and Pats today. All winners.

But then stupid me also thought that the Giants beating Minnesota OUTRIGHT was the best layup all season and made that the last leg of my parlay figuring an extra few bucks would be nice. WRONG.

Otter said...

I'll tell you what... I'm about to just give up on the NFL. It drives me nuts.