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Yep, Brett Favre. Just did a little number crunching...

Favre's last 20 games against the Bears:


4,843 yards (242 a game)

42 TDs (2.1 a game)

only 19 picks (I'm still waiting for Favre to have a Favre game where he throws 4 picks against the Bears... I think it happened in 1992, but I can't find the stats to back me up).

I wish I could find Favre's game by game stats in 1992, 1993, and 1994 so I could do a full career comparison... in other words would Brett Favre be a Hall of Fame QB if he didn't play the Chicago Bears (21-5 career record)? Anyway in Favre's played 12% of his games against the Bears and has about (I'm guessing about those 6 games against the Bears in '92, '93, and '94) 12% of all his passing yards and 14% of all his touchdowns.

This is pretty funny: Check out the Part Seven.

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