Maybe it's because there is no goal

VFLOAB doesn’t have much to add today after what seemed like a pretty low key weekend. We could make a big deal about the ‘debate’ in Congress on Friday night, but to be honest the entire debate didn’t catch our eye. It was a day late (well 20 months) and a dollar short (let’s say 400 billion). Debating war intelligence about Iraq at this point won’t change anything. As it’s been said, the war in Iraq was either a total lie or an unbelievable mistake/mess up in collecting intelligence data. Take your pick because at this point it doesn’t really matter.

Also, we (I), haven’t really decided what to do with the troops already there. Both sides of the argument (bring them home vs stay the course) have valid points that need to be considered. Yet each day it’s starting to look more and more hopeless over there. That’s because there is no real goal. The actual war has been won… so now what? With no goal or agenda for the military… what is the point and mission? And that’s why things continue to get worse and worse. There is no end in sight. There is no light at the end of the tunnel.

That’s when VFLOAB hears the “the goal and mission is to establish a democracy in Iraq”. And granted, that does appear to be the case, but how can a foreign country establish a democracy in a country that they don’t control or occupy and are planning on leaving? VFLOAB has been saying this for two years now, “freedom has to come from with in” but the neo-Cons and others haven’t listened. They’ve figured that our troops would be greeted like heroes, praised with flowers, and Iraqis would be voting for a liberal and secular president by now. But anyone had done a little study of history, they would have seen that installing a democracy is hard to do anywhere, let alone in a non-industrialized country that lacks a large and strong middle class. So the goal of a democracy was always sort of a pipe dream.

Moving on, it’s going to be interesting to follow what happens in Israel over the next three or four months. Sharon leaving the Likud party to start is own will be remarkable to say the least. As far as this weakening or strengthening Sharon, I’ll leave that to the experts. But anything that makes it more likely for Sharon to leave office is probably a good thing at this point. He is, no matter what he did in Gaza, too much of a hawk to bring about peace.

Bears win and look like a team that might make a little noise in the playoffs. They sort of remind me of a poor mans 2004 Pittsburgh Steelers. Notre Dame and Ohio State appear to be on a collision course for the Fiesta Bowl. Reggie Bush should be President. And I’m carefully watching what happens with Aaron Rowan, Juan Pierre, and Jim Thome.

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