Rowand to Phillies for Thome

I like the deal... for both teams. Phillies keep Howard and get a centerfielder. White Sox get a DH who should be better than Carl if he stays healthy.

As for centerfield... I'm not crazy about giving up a centerfielder, but whatever. Pods can move over to center if worst comes to worst.

Just a few thoughts... Sox in getting rid of Rowand, Frank, and Everett have cleared 14 million. Thome is going to cost what 6.5 million? That's still 7.5 million plus a few million more with winning and attendance boost... so we'll say that Kenny still has 10-12 million more to play with. Konerko takes 3 million of that leaving 7-9 million.

So we hear Juan Pierre is going to come and bat first or second. But I'm not totally sure about that. Juan and Pods are too alike... fast, no power, above average fielders, average to bellow average arms... I'm not sold on that on. Sox would probably want someone with a tad more pop.

So what about Manny or Johnny Damon? Just throwing that out there, but the Sox have money to spend. I know you have to also think long term (resigning all those pitchers after next year) but it's something to think about. Damon could play center and would look fantastic in left batting second. Manny said he wanted to play for Ozzie. I don't want them to get Manny (Manny, Thome, Konerko?, and AJ would be a poor man's 2003 Frank, Konerko, Carlos, and Maggs). But I'm throwing it out there.

One thing is clear, the Sox aren't done yet.

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