Sunday Picks

Some quick picks before the NFL games start. I took off the NCAA games because nothing really stood out… I liked ‘Bama but not enough to put my next on the line, I liked Michigan State… but who cares. Time for NFL picks.

Broncos (+4) over JAGS
This one is tough, because both teams are pretty good. But the Broncos played really well last week. And while the Jags won, but this just feels like a field goal game. Jags may win this, but I’m taking the points.

BENGALS (-9.5) over Texans
Wow… hard not to like this game. Does anyone believe that the Texans are better than the Bears? I know Orton threw about 18 interceptions last week, but you’ve got to like the Bengals at home.

CHIEFS (-2) over Eagles
I don’t have much to add, just a feeling more than anything else.

RAIDERS (-3.5) over Cowboys
I’ve been waiting for this game for three weeks now. After watching the Cowboys, some how beat the Chargers (mostly by getting lucky), and then the choke job against the Redskins and then the lucky win last week… and the Raiders playing three of the five best teams in the NFL… This has Raiders by 10 written all over it.

RAVENS (-7) over Jets
Will the Jets be able to gain 200 yards in this game? Remember, BROOKS BOLLINGER is the starting QB for the Jets. I said it once, if that doesn’t make you want to gamble, nothing will.

GIANTS (-3) over Rams
Please, Martz was in the hospital with a sinus infection this week. And the Rams are on the road. The Rams can’t win on the road… I’m taking a pretty good Giants team.

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