On Turkey

The European Union today gave the green light for Turkish admission to the EU. With Turkey eventually joining the EU, this is a huge step forward not only for Europe, but also in the world. Turkey will become a stronger democracy and their economy will continue to grow and prosper. While the rest of Europe is worried about the influx of Turks into the rest of the continent, this would be the least of their problems if Turkey became an unstable, war torn, country with a failing economy. And not that would happen if Turkey was left out of the EU, but it was a possibility. So good for Europe, they took a step forward in creating a stronger, better, more prosperous, and most importantly, safer Europe.

I went 4-2 yesterday, getting a few much needed victories... I feel as if I have some respect and know what I'm doing. Part of the reason is that I got rid of the Jerry Manuel style of 'going by my gut' or 'I have a feeling' (also notice the one of the games I lost was because as I said "I just have a feeling"). It's amazing what happens when you actually look at who's playing... (and having a few gimmies like the Cowboys and Jets). But hey, a win's a win and I needed a few. I was 3-12 going into this week... now I'm 7-14. Still not good, but I'm starting to feel it.

I really can't think of anything else... yeah the Sox are playing the Red Sox in round one of the ALDS but I'm not making my picks till tomorrow (we'll I'll take the Cards in 3 over the Padres).

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