Wow, I actually agree with the White House

House GOPers are looking to pass a bill that would cut the dues the US pays to the UN, and the White House doesn't want them to pass the bill. Say what you will about the White House, but this is a good move both nationally and more importantly internationally. The United Nations, for all its faults, is an outstanding organization where states can come together, talk things out, and help each other out socially, economically, and politically. Lessening power or influence of the UN would be a stupid move and only create instability. I'm not sure if House GOPers are greedy, xenophobic, or so nationalistic that they are this short sighted about the rest of the world. Do they realize that a turbulent world filled of inequalities is not a good thing for the United States? Do they realize that if the UN, for as limited as it is, isn't able to reach out to other nations; then no one, either individual states or international bodies, will be able to or actually be able to help other countries in their development.

Another interesting trend that we're starting to see is how radical the House is becoming. Thanks to the gerrymandering that has taken place over the last ten to fifteen years, the most seats in the House are uncompetitive. This creates representatives that are shoe in's in terms of being elected from their districts every two years. Not having to worry about ones political life allows them to be a bit more radical, and as a result we get a House that's full of hacks and morons preaching a top their piles of lobbyist 'donations'.

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