More on the UN, Unions, and Dick Durbin

It's amazing what bipartisan councils can do. Thanks to Newt Gingrich and others, they have spent the last six months working on a report that outlined some of the problems with the United Nation and finding ways to make the UN better. As I said yesterday, the UN is flawed, it isn't perfect, and we aren't always going to like what it says, but it is a necessity and fundamentally good organization. Anyway to improve it will only benefit the world, and therefore the United States.

AFL-CIO looks to be in trouble of losing some major unions and therefore power. As a union man, this probably is a good thing. The AFL-CIO is just too big and has lost sight of many of their original goals and looking out for their best workers. Hopefully this will serve as a wake up call to the AFL-CIO and they can get back to the basics. Forget about politics and focus on the workers.

And who's going to take over for the Conservatives once Howard steps down in the next few months? Start with this 38 year old.

Good for Dick Durbin to stick to his guns and opinions about the bullshit going on at Guantanamo Bay and the mistreatment of prisoners. He's right, the actions by American personal in Guantanamo is disgusting and an insult to what we stand for as a nation.

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