Soccer and Race in America

Here is a fantastic article in the Guardian about soccer here in the States and the racial divide that has arisen. The author, thankfully, points out that racism in America is a problem, but it's also a problem in the UK. And then goes on to say that part of the reason we don't see many black soccer players is because suburban whites what to keep it that way. They think that soccer is their sport. And after 'losing' basketball and football, they want to 'keep' soccer. There is a great quote in the article where a local official of a soccer league in Philly said, under his breath: "If they think they're going to do what they did to basketball, they're crazy." This goes back to my theory that white people in America are wimps and scared of what's around them and believe the media and others who have been more than willing to push black stereotypes on us for hundreds of years. There's no reason a 6'6" 220 pound white kid can't play basketball, if he doesn't succeed it isn't because he's white: it's because he either gave up, figured he wasn't as good, or was intimidated by stereotypes that just aren’t always true. All we need to do is look at some of the international players in the league today and realize that it isn't the color of ones skin, it's the attitude in ones heart and mind. White American's for some reason believe they can't run, jump, or shoot like a black kid. That just isn't the case. And if you don't believe me, play some pick up b-ball at Catholic Universities gym for a day.

Let me say this... the new Coldplay album is not very good. Is long, dragged out, slow, full of cheesy lyrics, and bad ballads. While a few songs stand out, for the most part, save your money and buy something actually interesting and good...The Decemberists, Bloc Party, or Sufjan Stevens. And "Swallowed In the Sea" might be the worst song I've heard all year. It just flat out sucks. "Speed of Sound" stands out because it's actually sort of interesting, but for the most part, this is just a bland album, with bland lyrics, bland melodies. It's not bad, it's just not good.

Bush's poll numbers are falling... and falling fast. His approval rating is down to 42%, which is starting to get dangerously low. Support for the war in Iraq is dropping, as is just about everything else that Bush has done, does, or is trying to do (like Social Security, note to W, the public doesn't like your idea). And oh yeah, as bad as things look for Bush, people are even more disappointed and pissed at Congress. Let's see some action that people actually want boys and girls.

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