Sufjan Stevens, Iraq, and The Sports Guy

Sufjan Stevens is attempting to write an album about all fifty states. And if the other 49 are as good as his first one, on his home state of Michigan, we're all in for a treat. His second, on Illinois, is to be released early next month. And ambitious project, and hopefully they'll all be as inspired and enjoyable as the first. I tip my hat to Sufjan, not only for the music, but also for how cool of idea the project is.

Friedman wants us to talk more about Iraq.

I'm giving in and going to add Bill Simmons, my favorite writer, to the side links. It's just too hard not to add him... I tried not to give him props just because everyone seems to have done so and does and it would look like I was a copy cat, but I've been a Simmons fan for four years now. I read him before, but he sold me on his comments on the Eagles back in 2001... "it's the 10-year anniversary of the '91 Eagles, one of the greatest video game teams of all-time." That might be one of the single greatest things ever written in the history of sports. Cheers to Simmons.

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