Boeing and Airbus

This might not be the most interesting rivalry out there, but it’s a good one: Airbus vs Boeing. The two are going head to head over the future of the aviation industry, Airbus with the A380, a double-decker plane that is the largest commercial aircraft in the world and Airbus thinks the A380 will replace the 747. Boeing, meanwhile, is going with the smaller 787 Dreamliner, the thinking being that the point-to-point means of air travel that airlines like Southwest operate, will choose the smaller 787 over the A380.

The A380 had her maiden flight today, and by all accounts it looks as if it was a success. But not to be out done, Boeing received a bunch of orders from Canada and India for the Dreamliner. Everyone’s a winner at the moment.

I see no reason why both airlines can’t find their niche in the market. The A380 is for long distant flights, those over the Atlantic or Pacific, and maybe even a few from New York to LA. While the Dreamliner could become the most popular aircraft at a place like, O’Hare or in Atlanta. Time will tell of course.

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