Social Security, North Korea, and the Mob

Sixty days later and nothing has changed. The White House’s idea of private accounts is at the same point that it was almost sixty days ago when this all began... not looking good. The Democrats have held firm, and it looks like this deal might be dead. The White House will come up with something, and I’m sure they’ll work something out in due time, but it looks as if private accounts may never happen. Of course John Tierney thinks other wise, that some how private accounts will solve the problem. Okay, maybe you’ll make more money, but that doesn’t solve the problem at hand… that Social Security is going to go broke in whatever year the White House made up. Why don’t people understand this? What is so hard about that to understand?

For some crazy reason, Kristof thinks that ignoring North Korea wasn’t a good idea. Suddenly they have more nukes than Iraq ever had and can make more nukes, which Iraq never could have done, and we are some how safer because Saddam is gone.

Syria has peaced out of Lebanon, but they still politically control the country. It will be interesting to continue to watch what happens there.

Meanwhile, back in the bizarre-o world of Chicago and Chicago media, the mob is dying a slow death. Personally I love the names and the pictures of ‘dese guys. I wonder if they are serious or humorous pictures, like something for a high school year book. The sort of picture you take just in case you ever get nabbed, and if you do you can look in the paper and laugh and go ‘hey I remember that picture, that was pretty funny.’ And the White Sox keep winning (8 in a row), but not many people seem to care. If this were the Cubs, they’d be running ads for World Series tickets at this point. But Sox fans, realizing that it’s only 20 games, are sort of excited about all this. Remember folks April is the cruelest month. It snowed on Saturday and we still have September and October to deal with. April is the cruelest month.

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