From Exit in Guyville to the Mix

What happened to Liz Phair? I was listening to “Exit in Guyville” tonight and it makes me wonder why she went to crap pop music. She had it right there in “Exit” yet after a few relationships and a kid, she’s writing bad love songs that XRT can’t get enough of. I don’t get it, but hey maybe I’m not suppose to, she didn’t make it then and she should have. But she was so much better in the early 90s.


Ilk said...

With you on this one, Otters. Think any of the 35 year old suburban moms rocking out to "Why Can't I" know that the best song Liz ever wrote was called "Fuck And Run?"

Ilk said...

PS Otter--it's EXILE in Guyville, not EXIT. You're showing your age, kid.

Otter said...

Good catch, I was a little off last night.