First Week Observations

Take all of this with a gigantic, CHRIS DAVIS FOR MVP gain of salt:

  • Tyler Flowers looks like an improvement over A.J.
    • Yes the K’s are high, but the walk totals are nice.  The power is there as I suspected (I know, way to go out on a limb).  His BABIP is .429 and that won’t continue, but if he keeps that walk rate around 10%, the Sox will do well.

  • If Gordon Beckham’s luck is good this year...
    • Okay, so no power so far, but he’s putting the ball into play and they’re turning into singles.  That’s good and the the complete opposite from last year when he couldn’t buy a hit and a lot of it was bad luck. Gordo deserves a year where balls fall in for him.

  • Alex Rios is good at baseball
    • I’m sure there were a lot of people who felt that Rios couldn’t put up another 4 WAR season.  That was probably being unfair to him, as he’s been an above average/All-Star player more than he hasn’t.  Sure he stunk up the joint in ‘09 and ‘11, but between ‘06 and ‘12 Rios had two bad seasons and five good to great seasons.  The thought, by some, that ‘13 Rios was going to be ‘not as good’ was silly.  And Rios is making those people look silly after six games.

  • Sox still have left field problems
    • Game winning home run or not, Viciedo hasn’t shown much in the first six games.  The Sox still have a bad situation in left.

  • Alexei is back, comrades
    • That is an excellent first week from everyone’s favorite Cuban shortstop. He made a few nice plays in the field and he's not off to a slow start for once.  One question, is his beard inspired by Fidel or by Lincoln?  Either way it’s a great beard. I will be monitoring and providing updates on its greatness.

  • Nothing to say about the pitching so far
    • Sale’s the only guy with more than six innings, so it’s hard to comment on anyone.  I guess you can say with Sale that there have been too many fly balls, but if he has even better command than last year, he’ll be fine.

  • Bunts
    • Sadly, I’ve only caught one game in full on TV because of all the day games and weekend errands.  But apparently the Sox are bunting too much. They need to stop this.

Taking four out of six from the Royals and Seattle is what they needed to do.  Good start to the season... no complaints here thus far.

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