Worst Blogger Award

No excuses, we just haven't been blogging. Summer does that to us. People love it... we like it. The humidly and sweating aren't high on our list of things we enjoy. Not saying that we want winter, because come March in Chicago, winter stinks. But summer? Overrated. Who ever said you can't go outside in February anyway? The world after a fresh snow beats the crap out of the beach. Pardon our Midwestern roots... Give us fall. Playoff baseball. Fantasy Football. The SexCannon. College Football. The new TV season. Interesting films instead of crap Wantabe Star War summer movies (though, Borne rocks). Fall is so underrated. He look, a Page 2 column waiting to be written! Someone call Jim Capel!

- Our national sports nightmare is coming to an end. How did we ever survive Bonds breaking the record? Vick and his mess? The NBA being fixed? But you know what, I still don't miss T.O.

- It's a shame I can't get extra credit for watching the White Sox and the Royals. It's a shame I don't get some sort of award/enjoyment out of watching the 2007 White Sox. I could bitch and moan about them, but I do it with my dad and in my head so often, that I don't want to upset myself. But Jerry Owens - you and Darin Erstad need to get out of my life.

- There's bad luck. Then there is the 2007 Phillies.

- Is it me or has this summer lacked a pop song or two? I mean, I heard that suicide song, and it stinks, I mean it isn't even so bad it's good. Bummer of a summer when it comes to the music.

- Blah Rove. Blah DC. Blah all that at the moment. Summer is never good for politics.

- Oh, and something needs to be done about international basketball. Seriously. It's a disgrace.

- Maybe All I Need Is a Shot in the Arm. We're gonna try to get back in a groove. I know we can do it!

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