Vick Would Have Been Better Off...

Lester Munson nicely summed up what I’ve been feeling and attempting to get across over the past few days. He was on WSCR on Saturday around 2:00pm central and said something along the lines of this:
Mike Vick would have been better off beating his girlfriend, in front of the Georgia Dome, fifteen minutes before kickoff.

It’s a sad state of affairs if that is the case in this country. It takes a sick man to do what Vick did to those dogs. But where are the protesters whenever Jason Kidd takes the court? Or Brett Myers takes the mound? Or when ever Leonard Little steps onto the football field?

Just look at how we view Pacman Jones and Vick differently during their legal issues. Vick is the second coming of the Devil. Pacman borders on being a ‘thug’, jerk, and joke. Pacman (or his people) nearly killed a man.

While I can’t justify either Vick or Pacman’s actions; in my eyes I have no sympathy for Pacman (or Myers or Kidd or Little for that matter). Those would be the ones who I would protest. They are the ones who upset me.

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