The iPhone came out about 10 days ago to rave reviews. People stood in line over night to get their hands on the phone, a phone!, which was going to revolutionize the industry. From the sound of it, not only does this phone rock, it can, as Jewel said, save your soul. Something like that.

We got our hands on the iPhone a few days ago. And it is cool. There is no doubt about that. The screen is pretty awesome. The graphics are nice. It's a bit smaller than a 'normal' iPod. But we couldn't help but notice one thing.

It's a phone.

Strange but true, it's only a phone. It does everything you'd expect a phone to do. But the difference is it looks really effing cool in the process. We do have some concerns about the potential durability of the iPhone since the iPod isn't the most sturdy thing ever made... will everyone have to get big old ugly cases for the iPhone to ensure that the screen doesn't crack? And if you drop it, will it break into a thousand pieces, because it looks like it will? Cell phones are dropped all the time, but they're tough (for the most part). They can handle the drops. But can an iPhone? It sure doesn't look that way.

The one feature that the iPhone has that most other phones do not is that it uses an actual, easy to use, full web browser. This alone makes the phone awesome.

But there's one problem... the AT&T network stinks. And because of that, we couldn't even load the web page that we requested.

So, we have this to ask... why spend 500 bucks on a phone that looks cool? I know this is a silly question since we live in a society/culture that spends hundreds of dollars on jeans and plastic surgery is not only common but accepted. Therefore, the idea of people spending Five-Hundred dollars on a phone isn't quite insane. But until the iPhone has a quick and actually working Internet connection, we say save your money. Invest that money, wait a year, and then buy the iPhone. By them I'm sure either AT&T will have a better network and/or the iPhone will be carried by another network. Because without a solid, consistent, good Internet connection you're spending 10 times what you need to on a phone. Unless you're shallow, hold out for a while.

The iPhone is the future, there's no doubt about that... but the future can wait a year or two.

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