This Is a Boring Post, but I say Pinochet!

Ugh, I've got nothing right now...

I've started making my year end lists, but I'm going to hold off on those till after Christmas. I guess I could start doing some NCAA Bowl picks, but I've got to study those games first... I don't have anything to say about the Hot Stove League other than it's been insane.

In the news... Bush still sucks and needs everything to go right for him inorder for him to avoid going down as one of the worst Presidents in US history... Things for Tony Blair keep getting worse, but I'm not totally sure what he did other than the few headlines and bylines I've read.

The passing of Pinochet caught my eye and I've read a decient amout about that. He's one of those guys that you could write a biography and call it "The Strange Career of Augusto Pinochet " (excuse me Woodward). Weird life and career... basically a 'nothing' in the Chelian army for years, the rises in rank, leads a coup to take power from the democracically elected Marxist government, has a bunch of people killed, instead of following a nationalistic economic policy he opens lends his ears to a few economists from the University of Chicago (including Milton Freedman) and opens up the economy there, those economic policies would eventually lead to Chile becoming the strongest and richest economy in Latin America, and after 16 years, he holds an election, loses, and for some reason decides to step down. But he stays on in the government as a military head despite being suspected of murder and corruption, is arrested in London in 1998 on international charges, almost brought to trial, sent back to Chile, almost brought to trial, and dies. What a Strange Career.

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I'm in DC for the week... it's DC. And even though I'm glad I'm out of here, I must say, I forgot how much I enjoy DC at twightlight. I'm not sure why it's different here compared to anywhere else, but it's pretty. The air sems clearer and the city itself seems a bit more clam. As if it's taking a deep breath and finally letting it out. And this town isn't the busiest, New York and Chicago are filled with more urgency and hussle and bussle, but DC adds stress and since just about everyone thinks their job is more important than it really is... well, twightlight is that time of the day when people are home and for a few seconds that stress disapears.

And at twighlight the sky is a bit more clear, things seem a bit crisper. It also turns from the sky blue to an orange red to navy blue. The lights in the houses start being flicked on. It's just a good feeling in a city that in some areas is souless, lacking character, and takes it self too serious.

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I'll say it, I really hate it when people refer to the Red Sox as the Sox. The Sox are the team from Chicago. The Red Sox are from Boston. I don't know, it just bothers me. I feel better having said that.

Oh and I'm watching the Falcons and the Cowboys on the NFL Network as we speak and it just feels weird. The game, the production, the picture, and Bryant Gumbel sounds like someone is pinching his nose. It's weird. And it's very poorly put together. I'll take NBC's Sunday Night broadcasts any day of the week.

Okay one of these days I'll have something a lot more interesting and pointed to say.

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elizabeth said...

I have to agree with you on the "sox" thing. I can't wait until figure out the interesting stuff.