A Team We Would Totally Root For

In our hearts, Wisconsin is number one on the football field. But #2 is always the Jesuit 11 from Boston College.

When it comes to filling out brackets in March, there is nothing we love more than filling out a bracket that advances every Jesuit university to the Final Four (last year featured Xavier, Gonzaga, Marquette, Boston College, and Georgetown; and we'll give 'Nova some love just 'cus they're Catholic too).

And now we read that Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone totally wants to start a Serie A team in the Vatican. Seriously, how great would that be?(btw, Cardinal Bertone is the Secretary of State of the Holy See... and better looking than Condi Rice -- ZING!)

They've got the money and you know there would be a bunch of really good players that would love to play for the Church. Not only that, what Italian, Polish, or Irish American wouldn't root for these guys?

This totally needs to happen. Vatican FC.

And how great would any European match up between Vatican FC and a English or some German clubs be? The singing would be fantastic. In fact we can hear it now, as Man U makes the trip down to the Holy See in the second leg of a Champions League match: "Fuck the Protestants!"

Pardon my French of course... this needs to happen. They'd become the #1 team in our hearts.

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