Freddy's Gone, the South Side is Bummed

Freddy Garcia for a Bum and an unproven pitcher? What is Kenny Williams thinking?

Freddy Garcia and his 200 innings and Big Games were traded for Glavin Floyd and Gio Gonzalez . Floyd has driven Phillie fans insane for years and Gonzalez... well a little over a year ago he was with the White Sox in their farm system. Now he's back. Oh the joy.

When the Sox gave up Gonzalez last year, he was one of the top pitching prospects in baseball. Today? He's probably in the top 50... not a guy you give up Freddy Garcia for.

And Floyd? The kid has a decent arm... but his career has been a disaster thus far . He was the 4th overall pick in the 2002 draft and aside from walking a lot of guys and giving up a ton of runs, there's not much to get excited about. Maybe a change of scenery will do him good. But I'm not getting my hopes up. He is from Maryland and went to high school inBallmore, which is always a plus in our books. I sort of miss Baltimore.

Anyway! as one that has a ton of buddies as Philly fans, Floyd all landed on their shit list this year. They all love this deal. Me, not so much.

Sure it frees up some money, but if the Sox don't either resign Crede or Buehrle or go out and make a deal for Vernon Wells , then this deal makes even less sense.

Of course, as a Sox fan I'm trying to convince myself that Don Cooper* will turn Floyd around like he has with Garland, Contreras, Jenks, and Matt Thornton. If he's able to do that (Floyd will start the year in the pen most likely), then this deal doesn't seem as bad for theSox. But if Floyd continues being a bum, then Gio Gonalez better be a #3 starter by 2009.

So I'll with withhold judgement for a few days or weeks until I see what Kenny does, in other words until the other shoe drops. But right now, I'm not a big fan. Floyd probably has more in common with Scott Ruffcorn or Dan "Best of the Bunch" Wright than he does with Jon Garland.

I'm not too hopeful.

*(Coop said on the radio yesterday that he loves breaking down throwing motions, even quarterbacks. If that's true, the Bears should call him ASAP because well... we'll get to Rex later).

Oh yay, the Sox resigned MacDougal. This winter couldn't be any more uninspiring... then again, two winters ago couldn't have been any more uninspiring and all theSox did that year was win the World Series. Hope Springs Eternal.

We're going to blog the shit out of this post, so sit back and relax...

Ali didn't invent rap, but Chuck Klosterman, once again, writes an interesting and throughly enjoyable piece on Ali and the TV show that ESPN is going to shove down our throats. Yay Chuck.

I just read that Quinn won the Maxwell over Troy Smith . Not only is that a fucking joke just on pure "who appears to have had a better year", it's also insane since Quinn is the 14th ranked passer in college football.

Zabransky gets screwed again.

And shit, the average Stocco isn't far behind Quinn either.

If Rex Grossman went to ND, he'd be the front runner for the MVP in the NFL!

Top 17 passers in NCAA football this year :
1) Colt Brennan, Hawaii 182.80
2) John Beck, BYU 173.27
3) JaMarcus Russell LSU 168.10
4) Troy Smith, Ohio St 167.87
5) Colt McCoy, Texas 164.07
6) Tyler Palko, Pittsburgh 163.25
7) Kevin Kolb, Houston 161.99
8) Jared Zabransky, Boise St 161.89
9) Brian Brohm, Louisville 160.50
10) Justin Willis, SMU 158.42
11) Erik Ainge, Tennessee 155.41
12) Chase Holbrook, New Mexico St 155.16
13) Bobby Reid, Oklahoma St 151.86
14) Brady Quinn, N Dame 151.59
15) Andre' Woodson, Kentucky 151.55
16) Adam Tafralis, San Jose St 151.05
17) John Stocco, Wisconsin 150.31

I should note, Quinn did throw for 35 touchdowns and only 5 picks. That is impressive. But Troy Smith was the best player in college football this year. This isn't even really a debate. Quinn andJaMarcus Russell should be fighting over "second best QB in college football this year" not Smith and Quinn over the #1 spot. And oh yeah, I know it's last year, but did you see the Fiesta Bowl when Smith dominated and Quinn was just fine (no TDs, no picks ).

I can't wait for the (stealing from Simmons) Brady Quinn face hits Detroit and then Eli Manning sues him for Copyrightinfringement. Seriously, has there ever been an easier comparison to make in the history of sports (excluding of course all white basketball players who can score more than 10 points and Larry Bird). I mean, wouldn't you bescared shitless if you were a Lions fan? "Brady Quinn... really? Haven't we seen this play out already in New York with Eli? Aren't they the same player down to the happy feet,weirdly skinny bodies on TV, and drunk photos?" Okay maybe I haven't seen the drunk photos yet (maybe I should facebook Brady?!?!) but you get the point. He's the Big Ten Eli Manning. Can't win a big game, but plays well enough to get draft #1.

Not to say Brady will suck, I sort of doubt he'll be Ryan Leaf or Johnathan Quinn bad. Quinn will be fine, maybe even make a pro-bowl. Blah.

I decided that since I'm pretty much never going to watch the Blackhawks and since I'm sick of ESPN, I'd actually try to watch all the Bulls games. And you know what... it's been pretty enjoyable. First off,every time Ty Thomas enters the game I get gitty . The kid has freakish ability and should be a more than solid player eventually. But more importantly he just adds to the sick depth that the Bulls have. They go two solid players deep at every position (well, center isdebatable ). But they've got no #1 guy. I can't decide if Deng is going to be a #1 guy or the best #2 guy in the league three years from now, but he'd be the only guy that I wouldn't trade on this team. Sure, it'd be a bad idea for them to tradeHenrich since Duhon isn't a #1 point guard, but this team is going to make a deal. I doubt it's Iverson, but if Garnett isn't going to be moved... I say go for it.

The Iverson trade demand does do something interesting... if he wants out, then it's going to force the T'wolves to make a decision. If a team like the Bulls, who need Garnett more than Iverson, have a deal in place with the 76ers, they're going to call the T'wovles and say, "Hey, you guys going to move Garnett? This is your last chance..." and the T'wolves will have to make a decision. I think they have to move Garnett more than the 6ers need to move Iverson I might add. But Iverson is probably going to be a former 76er soon rather than later.

It's pretty much assumed that the Bulls are going to make a deal, and since Iverson is out there, maybe he's the guy they end up with. As I said, they need a low post player like Garnett more than they need Iverson, but as things are now, the Bulls have too many players and too few minutes. So maybe Iverson for Gordon, Duhon, Thomas, and PJ Brown happens. But hopefully it's Garnett coming back.

That's all for now... Simmons ticked us off with his NFL rankings, so maybe we'll do that tomorrow. Until then, thank you High Life. Thank you. That's why we drink you and love you.

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