Somethings Better Than Nothing

When a player fails miserably and then two weeks later gets busted for ‘roids… what does that actually mean? The nice thing to know is that Guillermo Mota has 50 games to think that over.

I’m at the point in my life where if I see something with “Pittsburgh Pirates” in a newspaper or on the internets my heart skips a beat. Seriously. Like Buster wrote that the Pirates signed a Cuban defector and it made me feel good that not only do the Pirates still exist, but also that the media is still covering them.

Can I say I hate the guy who goes to the TAs office hours five minutes before they begin and then spends 30 minutes in there?

If ESPN is going to hire an ombudsman shouldn’t he at least be critical of ESPN? Seriously, these are puff pieces at this point. And they always, I mean always, stink. We get it, you and everyone in Bristol think ESPN is the greatest network ever and never does anything wrong. Stop wasting your time and our time… if you’re not even going to recognize how poor ESPN is at this point, then don’t write about the network at all. Patting everyone on the back and saying ‘good job’ about nearly everything, and then sort of half ass busting a few reporters butts on reporting rumors (which btw, is totally unfair to the reports) isn’t going to fly in these parts.

It’s like the Monroe Doctrine, only with a soccer ball! The US is going to play in Copa America this summer, which is a good thing. A very good thing. I’m sure Bush and company will find away to try and block this since it’s being hosted in Chavezuela. No matter, this is a good thing. A very good thing. Oh and I fully expect Freddy Adu to suit up for the USA.

I know Deadspin already posted this, but frankly, it’s too good to be true:

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