This is a Lame Post

The Steelers and Cardinals have to be the two worst "Championship teams" in the history of the NFL and MLB (I guess that 1988 Dodgers were pretty bad and the 2001 Pats weren't that good). The Steelers were the 6 seed in the NFL and the fucking Cards were the 13th best team in the majors this year over 162 games. And this probably isn’t a good time to mention that the Phillies, the fucking Phillies, had a better record than the Cardinals.

I could go on about how the Tigers were the luckiest team of all time (until last Saturday at least), but whatever… they’ll win about 85 games next year and finish in third place in the AL Central (unless the Tribe fix their bullpen, if that happens then you won’t see the Indians blowing 5 games in the 9th inning over a 8 game stretch).

Actually, let’s talk about the Tigers and how lucky they were. They ran away with the AL though the first 100 games or so then… The Tigers choke started. They were saved by the Sox never getting hot, the Yankees playing like shit, and the A's doing their annual choke job a week later than normal. They were lucky to make the playoffs and then lucky to make the World Series.

Of course, if the Tigers pitchers don’t throw five balls away, they’re probably playing baseball today. I’ve never seen a team beat itself the same way over the course of a series. But the Tigers did… amazing how those pitchers kept throwing those balls away. That’s why the Cards won.

But that also raises the point that this was a pretty poorly played World Series. Only Game One did you see on team ‘beat’ the other team. Games Two and Three weren’t as poorly played as Games Four and Five, but it’s not like those were games that had you on the edge of your seat. Overall, a very disappointing World Series and October in general… you best series was the NLCS and that wasn’t that great (Endy Chavez’s catch aside).

Meanwhile, the Cards raise to the top in an absolute shit NL thanks in part to the Mets arms all falling off.

Then they come out, beat the shit out of the Tigers in Game One. Lose Game Two. Game Three Carp pitches well, but the Tigers sort of blow it no matter. Game Four the Tigers give to the Cards thanks to the crap field, and Game Five Verlander raps in a bow for the Cards. They win.

And this Heat team wasn't that 'great' either (unless Wade becomes one of the ten greatest players of all time). Just a weird year in sports (though I should say, both that Gator b-ball team and the Texas football team were pretty good).

Pam Ward just called the Illini running back "Beastly". I am strangely aroused.

I promised Watford updates and here is update #1… they’re fighting. After ten games, Watford has yet to win in league, but they have six draws and find themselves just outside the regulation zone at the moment (they have 6 points and a goal differential of -6 which isn’t half bad). The good news is that they aren’t losing, the bad news… the season can go either way at the moment. A few losses and they’ll be in a big trouble. A few wins and it looks like they’ll be one of those teams no one wants to play. If anything interesting starts happening, we’ll let you know.

Okay that’s all… sorry, this sucks. Midterms are over tomorrow.

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