Election Day - Introducing Luther Blissett

Note: VFLOAB is pleased to bring aboard a new writer to this fair blog. His name is Luther Blissett and he’s going to be covering politics from time to time here. Enjoy.

I was all excited about offering up my first post here at Views from Life on a Bench about today’s election et all. But there I was with my first draft finished when I heard the news.

Britney Spears was getting divorced.

Of all the days in the year, Mrs. Federline chooses Election Day to announce her break up with Kevin Federline. Typical America… I’m sure Katie Couric, Oprah, and Barbara Walters are in route to Britney’s house as you read this to do the first interview post break up interview with her. Elections be damned, Britney is single again (and not half as interesting as she was four years ago). Not that we should be that surprised, most of network TV is going to be showing crap like “Dance with the Stars” anyway - if we aren’t the modern Roman Republic…

But the task at hand is today’s midterm elections a day that, depending on who you believe, will have varying degrees of impact on your life. Of course, most of it is just politics, but there is some truth to that. If the Senate does go to the Democrats, that will make it tougher for Bush to get court nominations though, specifically the Supreme Court. But it looks unlikely the Democrats will take control of the Senate right now. Maybe I’ll be wrong, but I don’t care all that much. Not because the Democrats and Republicans are the same, because they really aren’t, no because… well…

I’m here to say that I’m not at all excited about this election. I am not a fan of Bush and the White House. And I’ll tell you that the Republican lead Congress has done more harm than good. But you know what… even if the Democrats take the House and Senate… I won’t really care.

See the Democrats are going to, pardon my French, fuck it up anyway.

That’s right. They’ll mess it up just like the Republicans have. They’ll get caught up in their own disgusting corruption bullshit. They’ll get drunk on their power, help out their friends, get caught in some sex scandal, and lack the guts to stand up to Bush and the White House. It will be more of the same.

Meet the new boss…

Same as the old boss.

And that’s what it is in Congress.

No matter who’s in power, they’re all the same. Most of those men and women are sickos, drunk on their own power, the money that’s funneled down to them, telling us whatever it is we want to hear, saying nothing the entire time.

Sure there are a few Senators that actually can put a solid intellectual thought together, that think for themselves, try to do what’s right, and embrace the entire “Mr. Smith goes to Washington” ideal. But they’re few. And the same goes for those in the House.

But the thing is there is so much money on the Hill, so much corruption, so many free drinks and dinners and golf trips, that both parties take full advantage of it. And since there are only two parties, neither party will ever call the other out because, well, there’s someone across the aisle that’s doing the same thing.

And that’s why they’re running, for the money. They aren’t running to change anything, oh maybe they’ll tweak this or that; lower your taxes one day and raise the minimum wage the next. But that’s not the point. Things in this country aren’t going to change as long as there is so much money in DC.

And that’s why, I, Luther Blissett, have little faith in our government. There will be no change until it’s finally brought down by some power hungry, egotistical modern day American Caesar (Following in the footsteps of Douglas MacArthur).

So enjoy the coverage. I know I’ll be hoping for a Democratic victory just so that maybe a few checks will be put in place on the White House. But even if that happens, my feelings of hopelessness will over come any joy.

You’ll hear no corks popping in my place tonight. Just the sound of me sucking down a beer and wondering why my time in Milan went so badly.

Until we’re talking in whispers again…

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