College Picks one week before OSU/Michigan

This is one of those few college football weekend that you look around and say, I really really really hope Ohio State and Michigan don’t lose. The better not lose… seriously, it will ruin this whole month for me. Don’t blow this Bucks and Blues.

I haven’t finalized this, but I’m 95% sure that the SEC sums up American sports and culture on it’s own. It’s overrated yet all quality and fun, it’s insane, culturally it walks a fine line between all the social, racial, and economic problems in this country, it’s absolutely fantastic to watch on TV, it’s nearly almost always competitive, you have no clue what’s going to happen week in and week out, if you meet an SEC fan they’ll tell you how great it is and totally ignore any short falls in the conference, and as I said, it’s overrated yet still absolutely fantastic. I love the SEC.

Let’s just knock these out quickly.

IOWA (+2) over Wisconsin – I hate to do this, but the facts are that Iowa’s a home dog and has owned the Badgers the past few seasons. If the Badgers win this game though, the Big Ten might be able to say it’s the best conference in American since it has 3 of the top 10 teams in the nation. I don’t think it’s possible for the Big Ten to get three teams into the BCS, but that would be pretty cool eh? As for Iowa, easily the most disappointing team in the nation. I can’t figure out why they aren’t getting beat up in the media more.

AUBURN (-11.5) over Georgia – Let’s just say it hasn’t been a good year for Bubba and company. WARRRRRRR EAGLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEE!

MARYLAND (-3.5) over Miami – The season can’t end soon enough for the ‘Canes. What a tough and shitty year. I’m shocked they’re even playing this game.

INDIANA (+19) over Michigan – The Wolverines haven’t been the same since Manningham went down. The Hoosiers are a win away from going to a bowl game. I don’t think it happens today, but that’s a lot of points for a Michigan team that has one of the biggest regular season games in the last 15 years coming up next week.

TEXAS A&M (even) over Nebraska – Tough loss last week for the Aggies, but they should be able to handle the Cornhuskers.

Alabama (+18) over LSU – The Tide keep this once close, you figure after last week they’re ready to play.

Tennessee (+6) over Arkansas – In SEC fashion, this is the week the Razorback dream dies. What a tough conference.

Notre Dame (-11) over AIR FORCE – I love how the fact that this game isn’t on national TV was a story this week. Who cares? Notre Dame isn’t even that much fun to watch this year.

SEASON: 39-17-2

And your video... JUICEBOX!

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