SICP Class of 2000, Yo

It’s a big week for the St. Ignatius College Prep Class of 2000 because… well… okay maybe it’s not a big week for us, but the five of us who didn’t/aren’t in Lawyer School or Medical Doctor school had/have some big doings. (btw, we just read that Ignatius is now called “Georgetown West” which made us throw up in our mouth a little).

We here at VFLOAB may have made an appearance on a major Internet website a few times, which has been fun. But we don’t want to toot our own horn because compared to fellow Class of 2000 alums, we ain’t doin’ too much in terms of “impacting pop culture”.

First up, we told you about John Mulaney a few months ago [go here if you don’t believe us] and how he’s funny and had a bit on Comedy Central’s website… well this Friday, John is going to be on Comedy Central itself. That’s right, he’ll be on your TV making jokes and observations and being funny and… oh just watch tomorrow night at 11pm est. (10pm central!) on Comedy Central. If you’re not watching, I’m assuming you’ve got a bit of a life which is cool. But maybe you want to stay in, tell the lady that you’ll get a bottle of wine, talk a little Leo Strauss, and then flip on the tube. Sounds like a fun night if you ask me.

The other class of 2000 cultural hipster makin’ waves would be John O’Brian of the band Public Four. I gotta say, they’re pretty good and just released an EP entitled Animal Grammar. We haven’t gotten our hands on it, but we’ve listened to their songs that they’ve got posted on myspace and we’ve enjoyed them. Mockingbird and Policeman are pretty good. And more importantly, they got a pretty good review from Sun-Times rock critic Jim DeRogatis:
(from "Reaons for Living," p.5, 7/14/06, Chicago Sun-Times)
Public Four is a local group with a much more conventional take on romance: "My heart is a radio/and it plays for me every day," the group declares on "Mockingbird," one of the four strong tracks on its debut EP, "Animal Grammar." The quartet owes a clear debt to Britpop and shoegazer bands such as Blur, Supergrass and My Bloody Valentine, but it's never overly derivative, and its smart and hook-laden songwriting marks it as a band to watch. Public Four will play a record release party at the Hideout, 1354 W. Wabansia, on a bill with Central Standard that starts at 9:30 pm on July 20th...

In the ‘I don’t know what to do with this information’ department, I guess that Kefla from RoadRules: Australia was on the NFL Network. As I said, I don’t know what to do with this information, but there you go.

I’ve been reading AwfulAnnouncing for a few weeks now and besides the fact that it’s an enjoyable blog, they’re/he’s also doing a review of all Sports Guys articles. We here at VFLOAB are happy about this because, well, this has been needed for a while. Yeah, Simmons has lost his fastball, and every time you think he’s getting it back, he writes something like “Bird vs Ortiz!” or “Curious Guy: Curt Jesus Schilling!” and it sets him back a good three months. So if you want ‘reviews’ of Simmons, check out AA.

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