Richard Jefferson's New Coach

As I listen to Brid go to town and taking in the Journal with a cup of coffee, I come across an article on Video Game Teachers [note: VFLOAB should have become a Tecmo Super Bowl teacher back in the day, oh well, but remember how awesome Bo Jackson was?]

Anyway, the article is plugging away just fine, when I come across this gem of gems:
Richard Jefferson, a forward with the New Jersey Nets basketball team, says several professional gamers, including Mr. Taylor, have helped him “raise his game” though “Halo 2” coaching sessions.

Mr. Jefferson, 26, says he didn’t pay anything for the lessons, though he did give away some tickets to basketball games.
Mr. Jefferson holds out little hope of ever defeating his instructors. “No matter how much I practice I couldn’t do it,” he says. “It’s like comparing me to a high-school basketball player.”

Before we make the "Hey Richard, it would have been much cooler if you would have hired a "How to make a Wide Open Jump Shot" coach prior to the 2004 Olympics instead of a Halo 2 coach" joke, I should clear up that I’d link the article, but seeing that you have to drop fifty bucks to read the Journal online EVEN IF YOU HAVE A PRINT SUSCRIPTION, we’re all SOL.

But the article just goes on to talk about video game teachers, their rates (some charge $65 bucks an hour) and hey, if you only feel like dropping $25 an hour, there’s a chance an 8 year old will teach you how to play Mario Brothers Smash Brothers or something like that (speaking of Smash… remember when ESPN2 first came out and Bill Pidto did the ‘Smash’ or something like that? And it had a some what cool ditty? Shite,
Pidto not only has a Wikipedia entry, but they also drop the Smash reference in there too. Quick someone do a ESPN2 Smash Wikipedia entry!)

In the mean time, thousands of 23-30 year olds are really pissed off right now… if only born a few years later, we could have been the ones teaching professional athletes how to play video games. Son of a gun.

Anyway, if you want to learn from the best… and never date anyone in the process, here is the
video game teachers/coaching website.

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