Yeah, it's sort of pointless to put this up after the fact... but we wrote it before the fact (trust us) and just didn't get it posted until now... see if we were right.

So we’ve found ourselves in the quarterfinals of this here World Cup… we get two days off before they start kicking the ball around again on Saturday. Since we don’t feel like getting wet, and there isn’t much else to talk about, let’s talk some World Cup!

Germany v Argentina – Just looking quickly at each of the quarterfinal match ups, this appears to be the best of the bunch. Both teams have played some pretty football and are tied for the lead in goals scored (10 each along with Brazil). Both teams haven’t lost or tied a game (same goes with Portugal and Brazil)… Argentina became the favorites to win the World Cup a few weeks ago after they destroyed Serbia/Montenegro… and Germany who weren’t given much of a chance has look pretty convincing in all four victories.

But here’s the thing, Germany hasn’t played anyone. Their best win is a 2-0 victory over Sweden. Argentina has beaten both the Dutch and Mexico, not to mention a Cote d'Ivory team that’s better than the Ukraine and probably England too. But then again Germany is at home. But Argentina has look so, so good… but Germany is Germany, they’ll grind out a win like always, right?

I don’t know… I can’t call this one. Right now I’m thinking Argentina wins 3-2… but maybe Ballack plays the game of his life and inspires Germany to victory? I’m not sure… but it’s a shame that one of these teams is going home before the semis.

Since we really can’t decide, enjoy this video, why there is a naked guy and a guy in black face, I’m not sure but… thanks That’s On Point, you rock.

Italy v Ukraine – Italy was given a fight against Australia, but managed to pull out a victory as Totti scored a penalty on the last kick of the game. Although they’ll be without two top defenders, I can’t see Ukraine giving Italy much of a game. Easily the worst team in the quarterfinals, both Mexico and Spain deserve better than to be at home right now watching a piss poor Ukraine team. Italy rolls with ease winning 2-0 with goals from Toni and Totti.

England v Portugal – England has been pretty bad in their four games. But they have three wins and a tie… so they’re doing something right correct? That something right is playing really, really, piss poor teams. The best team they’ve played is Sweden, who they managed a 2-2 draw with. Meanwhile, Germany destroyed Sweden 2-0.

So Portugal 1-0 right? As the great Leo Corso says, “Not so fast my friends…” Portugal will be without Deco and maybe Cristiano Ronaldo. The English luck continues. But it also doesn’t mean I think they’ll win.

England’s back line has played pretty well, I’ll give them that. Although Paul Robinson looks a bit shaky in goal at times, they’ve only allowed two goals in four matches. Wayne Rooney looked pretty good against Ecuador and if Frank Lampard could find the effin net, England might have won 3-0…

But that brings me to my problem with England. Frank Lampard is so so so so not good. He’s missed more chances this World Cup than I can count. He’s always shooting high or wide… it’s brutal. Meanwhile, poor Stevie Gerrard is left playing a holding position and it’s killing this team. If Gerrard is playing off Rooney on Saturday, England wins 4-0 or something. I’m not kidding. Instead, I got to watch Lampard look like crap. So while the English media gives Beckham crap the real problem, in my eyes, is Lampard (and when he’s out there Crouch). (Why is Beckham getting crap? I’m not sure… maybe it’s a Jay Mariotti type situation where people are stirring the pot? Becks’s has only been apart of half of England’s goals (Lampard – none) and doesn’t cost them defensively (he’s a good defender)… so he doesn’t have ideal pace, his crosses have been fantastic this World Cup; it’s not Becks fault that Peter Crouch and Lampard blow).

Here’s the thing… England could win this World Cup. I know it’s crazy, but they’ve gotten this far by playing like crap. The suspensions and injuries on the Portuguese side is another stroke of luck for the English. They could easily find themselves in the semis facing a tired Brazil or French team… but they have to start playing better. They have talent, Rooney, Terry, the two Coles, and Gerrard are all fantastic players. Beckham, Rio Ferdinand,

Personally, I’m torn. English fans are smug assholes, maybe the worst out there if you ask me. They don’t give anyone credit, and then overact to their own team on top of it. It’s annoying. I don’t want them to get any joy out of this, they really are just like Red Sox fans. But at the same time, I like the guys on the English team and I love London. Yet again, Portugal is pretty awesome and how could I not love a team that wears maroon? But the suspensions and injury to Ronaldo is going to be too much for Portugal to over come. England wins 2-1… but if it goes to penalties…

Brazil v France – Hey look it’s the replay of the 1998 final! France looked great against Spain, they went down early to a fantastic Spanish side, but fought back, got some inspired play from Zizou and Vieira and lookie here, they’re in the quarters. But can they beat Brazil?

For a team whose weakness is suppose to be in the back, Brazil has only allowed one goal. Sure the best team they’ve faced has been Ghana (without Essien remember) and Ghana couldn’t finish to save their lives, but they’ve still only allowed one goal. So what’s going to happen here?

I have no clue. You figure Brazil is good for two goals. France has Henry who could bag two goals also. In my eyes, France’s Ribery has been one of the best players I’ve seen this World Cup. What if Vieira and Zizou play great again?

Brazil hasn’t dominated a game like you’d expect them too. The two time World Footballer of the year, Ronaldinho, hasn’t done much so far in the World Cup. Could this be the game where he shows everyone why he’s the World Footballer of the year two times running? And don’t forget about a Ronaldo, and who looks like he hooked himself up to the Bill Simmons rejuvenation machine last week. And then there is Kaka too… so?

It’s got to be Brazil 3-2 in a thriller and what will go down as the best game of the tourney. Henry scores one and hits a post, Zizou gets one too, but two from Ronaldo and one from Kaka does the trick.

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