The Best of Views From Life on a Bench

The Best of Views From Life On A Bench

Okay maybe this is lame, but we can’t think of anything to write at the moment. It’s finally stopped raining here in the DC area and between that and the All-Star and moving… we haven’t really be on the up on what’s going on in the world. Simmons sort of stole our youtube thunder for a good five months with his column the other day… And since Congress is now on break until Labor Day (I think) and hasn’t done much as it is over the last few weeks… well… we don’t have anything to say for once. So instead, we’ll focus on the best of VFLOAB.

Yes, we were a mini sensation in the Guardian during this World Cup. So to make life easier on everyone, we’re going to link all our e-mails that have captured the hearts and minds of the Guardian minute-by-minute staff since the start of this World Cup… so without Freddy Adu (note all dates given in the European style since well, they are):

25/4/2006 – Vallarreal vs Arsenal (9 min): Okay this isn’t the World Cup, but it was our World Cup tune up. And it’s funny.

10/6/2006 – England v Paraguay (after 11 min): So this is how we got the World Cup started… we had woken up at 8:30 on a Saturday and were ready for the football. And we were rewarded with this. It would mark the beginning of two things: 1) This was the first e-mail that made fun of making fun of the piss poor TV production and announcers here in the States. Everyone in the US would soon follow doing the same. 2) This was the beginning of a beautiful relationship with Georgina Turner.

15/6/2006 – Sweden v Paraguay (24 min): I was cold, I needed something to get my blood and creative juices flowing again… so I went back with the tried and true, what are they wearing, question. Bang.

18/6/2006 – Brazil v Australia (Halftime): I like this one because I finally got a Crouch joke in, it’s funny, and Georgina gets me a shout out… again…

18/6/2006 – France v South Korea (67 min): I did the double dip, but unfortunately, I can’t be very proud of this shout out.

19/6/2006 – Switzerland v Togo (halftime): The great troll of 2006.

21/6/2006 – Argentina v Netherlands (‘round halftime): Georgina gives me love again… and I give Liberty’s Kids it’s proper due, a shout out to the World. What a great TV show.

27/6/2006 – France vs Spain (pre-match banter): All in all, sort of funny.

So that’s seven shout outs… our favorite is getting the Liberty’s Kids some love. Enjoy and best to all.

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