Champions League Final

The Champions League Final is this afternoon and we couldn’t be more excited. The match up between Spanish League winners Barcelona and North London’s Arsenal should be a dandy. Barcelona has to be favored, but don’t take the Gunners lightly, they haven’t allowed a goal in what seems like forever.

The game also features the best player in the world: Ronaldinho. The man is simply amazing and there is very little he can’t do. Just check this out (and love the music):

And those aren’t even his Barca highlights. And in this profile in the Guardian, his inspiration and hero? Magic Johnson… I’m not making this up:
Sometimes, indeed, he sees you even when he isn't looking. One of the things he has brought to football is the blind pass, something he imported to the game after spending hours watching NBA videos and footage of Magic Johnson, his personal hero, in particular.
Oh and before we move on to Henry… you’ve got to see this goal too:

While Ronaldinho is great, Arsenal has their own man of greatness in the Frenchman, Thierry Henry. Henry isn’t as flamboyant as the Brazilian and near soft spoken, we can’t remember him making headlines in anything other than scoring while in London three years ago. Henry just goes about his business and that’s putting the ball in the net. He’s been fantastic over the last five years at Arsenal and his highlight reel is just as impressive as Ronaldinho. He may not be able to dribble like Ronaldinho, but he can fly and he rarely seems to miss the net.

We love Thierry Henry just because his name is so great and he just looks so cool out there on the pitch. And since we knew a Gunner supporter quite well during our days in London, we’re pulling for the Gunners today in the final in Paris. We’ll be a big of a homer and say that Henry plays out of his mind, nets two goals and sets up another in a thrilling 3-2 Arsenal victory. But don’t ask us, we don’t watch these games, we just read about them. Only so much that you can learn from reading.

But if you want more info on both Arsenal and Barcelona, hit up those links. If you get the chance, enjoy the game. And go Gunners!

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Matt said...

Barca 2 - Arsenal 1

Lehmann got tossed early.