Best Names In Sports

This morning I was reading up on the NFL Draft and can we all just agree that D'Brickashaw Ferguson is the best name in sports? You know what… let’s make a top ten Best Names in Sports list:
10) Rudy Gay (UConn) – His name isn’t that great… but tell me you aren’t excited about reading this headline in the Newspaper come June: “First pick in NBA Draft is Gay”
9) Pops Mensha-Bonsu (George Washington) – This, my friends, is a name. Maybe too much name, but a name.
8) Luther Head (Houston Rockets) – This is a toss up between Head and Dwyane Wade, but I’m going with Head because how often to you meet a guy named Luther? And with a last name like Head on top of it I can’t pass it up. I love Dwyane Wade… but Luther Head, welcome to the list!
7) Thierry Henry (Arsenal) – I could probably have filled this list with football, err soccer, names if I wanted: Ronaldinho, Kaka, Zinedine Zidane, Rafel van der Vaar, Jaap Stam… but Henry get the nod because his name is Thierry Henry… it rhymes (say the name as if you were French… pretty cool eh?) and it just rolls off the tongue like chocolate. Plus Henry is one of the few guys you can say that he’s a great player AND he has a great name.
6) Nick Ferguson (Denver Broncos) – Every time Jim Nantz said his name on Sunday, I couldn’t help but think of Turd Ferguson. I realize I’m 24 years old, but it made me laugh every time partly because it was Nantz saying “Nick Ferguson” and partly because of Burt Reynolds. Jim Nantz just has a way of saying things that brings about humor (and btw could Simms and Nantz have a worse chemistry in the booth? And whose fault is it? You figure Nantz because he appears to be so wooden (the guy seems to have negative personality which is why he’s perfect for golf), but maybe Simms is just a nut case and randomly shouts things and Nantz wants no part of him? I don’t know, just a thought. Let’s ask Billy Packer next time).
5) Coco Crisp (Cleveland Indians, though soon to be on the Red Sox) – I thought he was from the Dominican until about five minutes ago… he’s from LA! This makes his name even better. People put thought into this name. Amazing. Anyway, Coco's name is so great even my mom noticed his name last year at the Sox game, "Hey Bobby, did you know this guy's name is Coco Crisp?! That's funny! Why did his parents name him that?"
4) Teemu Selanne – The number great names in the NHL could make its own list since the NHL consists of French-Canadians (Jean Yeves-LeRox or Jean-Philippe Cote anyone?), Fins (Saku Koivu), and random Canadians (Rod Brind'Amour, anyone named Rod gets an honorable mention (so here’s to you Rod Smith)). But Teemu gets the nod for having a name like Teemu. Teemu. I still think I want to name one of my sons Teemu. Teemu William Otter, or TWO for short. Wouldn’t that be cool if he signed his name 2. Like he’s in 3rd grade and he has to write his name on the top page and he just writes 2… that would be pretty cool. Anyway, Teemu. Great name.
3) Boniface N'Dong (LA Clippers) – I am not making this up. He’s only played seven games this year… but I’m in love. Boniface? You’re kidding me right? The only place Boniface gets dropped is at the Holy See and random Catholic history classes. And then N’Dong on top of it? If I do a list like this again, he’ll move into the number one spot. But since I discovered it about an hour ago, he’s going to have to pay is dues. But I quickly just signed him to my fantasy team… Boniface N’Dong. How great is that?!?!
2) Nook Logan (Detroit Tigers) – The Tigers might have more great names than any other team… Magglio, Placido Polanco, Nook Logan, Omar Infante, Jason Grilli, Wilfredo Ledezma… it’s a silver mine of great names. But Nook Logan gets the nod for having the best baseball name since Dickie Thon (who by the way was on the 1989 Phillies who were, and still probably are, the Best Team of Names until this Tiger team gave them a run for their money. Just look at this fountain of great names: Von Hayes, Tom Herr, Darren Daulton, Lenny Dykstra, Ricky Jordan, Charlie Hayes, Bruce Ruffin, Floyd Youmans, and Juan Samuel; it’s a friggin gold mine).
1) D'Brickashaw Ferguson (Virginia, but soon to be a top five NFL pick) – How, when, where, what inspired his family to name him D’Brickashaw? And if I’m D’Brickashaw Ferguson, I’m dropping the last name and just going by D’Brickashaw the rest of my life. D’Brickashaw… how did this happen? Did a man named Shaw throw a brick? What’s the purpose of the D’? Is this a common name and I’m just not aware of it? Did someone in his family lose a bet? I’m just floored. D’Brickashaw…

We here at VFLOAB have been closet Rilo Kiley fans for a while now (yes eight months is a ‘while’) when an ex turn us on to them. We’ve always imagined the lead singer, Jenny Lewis, to be a cute but not an “Oh My God!” little blonde with a hell of a voice… Well you can imagine our surprise when we saw that she’s actually a hot little red head that stared with Fred Savage in “The Wizard”. Now, we aren’t clearing room on our girl rockers mantel where Kim Deal, Annie, and 20th century Liz Phair resides, but Jenny Lewis (left), along with Kim Gordon, get special mention, and Neko Case is banging at the door.

Remember our goal in life is to drink with Liz Phair and Kim Deal (right) and eventually marry Annie. Though this will probably go though some editing to look something this: drink with Liz Phair and Kim Deal, dance with Jenny Lewis, play shuffle board with Neko Case, and marry Annie. (Note Kim Gordon is probably too hip to hang out with us, and while I would have said the same about Kim Deal, I found this totally random story and realized that I’d have a shot). So there you go, VFLOAB isn’t in love with Jenny Lewis yet, but she is coming to DC in a few weeks and I’m sure we’ll check her out. She released a new solo album today…

Finally, Kobe dropping 81 on Sunday night to go along with two other good NBA games that day, added with Tags stupid comments calling baseball boring and then giving the country two Championship games that couldn’t be more boring and uninteresting, and then a good day of college basketball the day before… and now it’s Tuesday and still no one is talking about the Super Bowl. At this point any conversation about the Super Bowl is forced on top of it. I know, the game isn’t until next Sunday, but usually you get the initial hype, then that fades around Thursday a bit for the weekend, and the picks up Sunday night and carries you on to the game. But there’s been none of that… and maybe it’s me. Outside of the two QBs and maybe three other players on each team, I could careless about the Seahawks or Steelers. The Steelers are a sort of interesting story, team looks flat most of the year, comes out and beats up on the Bears in Week 13 or something and doesn’t look back. Pittsburgh goes nuts (and speaking of Pittsburgh, Steeler fans have to be insane. Any Sunday in the fall it’s a lock that I’ll see ten Steeler jerseys if I venture out of the house. It’s amazing… if Jet fans wore jerseys around as much as Steeler fans they might give them a run for their money).

As for Seattle… they’re 3,000 miles away and the East Cost could careless. I’m always shocked at how little people out east care about anything far from them. Kind of a shame since Seattle is a fantastic city.

I guess my point is that this Super Bowl might not be as hyped as previous Super Bowls… either that or the media is welcoming Kobe’s 81 since it gives them more time to sit on the brutal storylines they feed us during the lead up to the Super Bowl. Take your pick.

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