iPod 25!

We haven’t done this in a while… a long while. ANYWAY, that’s right… it’s time for the iPod Top 25! But before we get to that, let’s let you in on one of the cooler websites we’ve seen since that myheritage site we ‘discovered’ a few months ago.

This one is called last-fm… basically it tracks the music you listen to on your computer and then keeps stats for you. It tracks the songs by week, overall, and also what bands you listen too. It’s pretty cool. Here is our own personal little page [RIGHT HERE]. Not sure what you’ll see when you hit the link, but right now, it says that we just listened to The Hold Steady – “Charlemagne in Sweatpants” which is a kick ass song. So check it out, sign up for it, and make us your friend so we can check out what songs you listen too. Also note our ‘tracker’ right now listed at the very bottom of these posts. So you can see our top ten songs or something any time you like… plus if you hit the box it will send you to our page. Eventually Newsweek will do a short blurb on this site, and it’s gonna be big like yourtube or myspace or gmail or blogs or any other of the Web2.0 stuff that’s so big right now.

Okay, on to our iPod top 25… that’s right the top listed tracks on our iTunes. Obviously the longer I have and like a song, the more likely it is to make the top 25… so if I’ve had a song since last April, well it’s gonna have a much better chance to be on this list than say, “The Big Guns” which is probably the most listened to song on our iPod at the moment… but it’s not making the list since we’ve only had it like a month. Who cares though, let’s get to the action, but first check out previous iPod25s! April 2005 and July 2005!

  1. Speed of Sound – Coldplay – We did name this the best song of 2005 remember. We like it… a lot.

  1. Whatever Happened – The Strokes – True Fact, we’re seeing the Strokes on April 26th. Another true fact, this song has been known to rip my heart out at times “You don’t miss me/I know”. And we love the ring composition of it all too.

  1. Heartbeat – Annie – There isn’t a better weekend/half drunk song out there.

  1. 11:11 – Andrew Bird – We love Mr. Bird, and we aren’t saying that because he’s from Chicago. We like him because he’s a good musician. While even we here at VFLOAB can’t get beyond the pretty bad lyrics here, we love how this song is arranged, and it reminds us of our favorite season, fall, for various reasons.

  1. Letter from an Occupant – The New Pornographers – We’ve talked about our love for this song and Neko Case’s voice half way though man a time. Things haven’t changed.

  1. Shiver – Coldplay – The best song Coldplay’s done must find it’s way on the list… and it does. This really is such a great song.

  1. Knock Yourself Out – Jon Brion – I’m not sure how to really describe how much I like this song… it sounds so happy. And we love last few lines of the song, “Why were put in this mess/Is anybody’s guess/It might be a test or it might not be anything/You need to worry about/But if you’re still in doubt/Go and knock yourself out” I like to think of it as the “Don’t worry, be happy” of the 21st century.

  1. Take Me Out – Franz Ferdinand – Wow this is still on the list? We don’t really listen to this song all that much any more it seems like. Maybe we do… who knows. It’s fine.

  1. Never Never – The Libertines – For some reason this song reminds us of that scene in “Outside Providence” where the kid and Amy Smart are falling in love in an extended scene or whatever they call them in Hollywood, and we always think, ‘man wouldn’t it be great to find a girl like that? A girl who would love and seen the ‘awesomeness’ of this song?’ Okay we sound like a girly man and we just said awesomeness…

  1. The Laws Have Changed – The New Pornographers – I’m trying to think of reasons not to like this song.

  1. Waltz #1 – Sam Phillips – If we need a ‘good mood’ quick fix, we find Ms. Phillips ditty that’s off of Gilmore Girls and then we’re happy. Lorelei makes us happy.

  1. Meet Me in the Bathroom – The Strokes – Just… great… imagery…

  1. Crown – Mason Jennings – Such a sad song… another one that rips our heart out at times. We love it anyway “but I don't wanna be together/I don't wanna be apart/I don't want none of this love for you honey/deep, deep down in my heart”

  1. Big Sur – Mason Jennings – His new album comes out in a few weeks. Pick it up.

  1. Someday – The Strokes – Still the greatest drinking song of all time.

  1. Nothing – Mason Jennings – We do like him remember. This is always a great moving/next chapter in life song though. BTW we hate the ‘next chapter in life stuff’ but used it anyway, we also used awesomeness. We need to find new words.

  1. Dedicated – The Amps – Kim Deal rocks. This song always puts a hop in our step.

  1. Where is My Mind? – Pixies – “With your feet in the air and your head on the ground”

  1. You Can’t Hurry Love – The Concretes – We’ve got to give a shout out to Ms. Ross of course. But this isn’t a cover btw, it’s just a good song that we like.

  1. So Says I – The Shins – I’m happy this song made the list. This song should make the list.

  1. Maps – Yeah Yeah Yeahs – It’s easy to forget how hard it must to be to right a kick ass song when you hear something like this.

  1. Change Your Mind – The Killers – We’ve soured on the Killers. They were fun for a while, but the whole New Wave/Duran Duran/bad lyrics things got old after a while. This shouldn’t be here if we ever do this iPod 25 again.

  1. Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) – The Arcade Fire – Like So Says I, I’m happy this song made it.

  1. Red-Eyed And Blue – Wilco – I’m going to be honest, I’m shocked only one Wilco song will make this list… btw this is an absolutely fantastic song. In fact, just thinking about this makes us mad, Wilco, in our eyes, is one of the five best American bands of all time, yet you wouldn’t know it if you listened to the radio, MTV, or read pretty much any music mag out there. Sure they get their press, but people either don’t realize how great there stuff is, or get annoyed with the ‘lack of pop’… I’m not sure. But seriously, I’m not sure there is a better American band at this second. And I’m the biggest Strokes’ apologist there is.

  1. If We Can Land a Man on the Moon, then Surely I can Win Your Heart – Beulah – Yes it’s as good as it’s title suggests.

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