The War on Christians

Amazingly, there is a war on Christians in this country.

I know I’m just as shocked as you.

But we Christians are at war… or being attacked… or I’m not sure. But it’s war baby.

Or something to that effect.

So I’m flipping though the gossip pages know as the Washington Post when I stumble upon this gem [
LINKED RIGHT HERE]. Man the walls, call up the draw bridge, the Christians are under attack!

Of course who’s doing the attacking… the left once again (with help from Hollywood, the judiciary, gays and the news media). That baby killing, heartless, soulless, baby killing, sex loving, poor loving, justice demanding, baby killing, gay loving, equality seeking, did I mention baby killing, Left.

Rick Scarborough, who hosted this conference, said, "I believe the most damaging thing that Tom DeLay has done in his life is take his faith seriously into public office, which made him a target for all those who despise the cause of Christ."

Thataboy Rick… Tom DeLay’s greatest fault is taking his faith too seriously. Forget the outrageous gerrymandering of the state of Texas; or the indictment on charges of conspiracy to violate election laws, money laundering, and conspiracy to engage in money laundering; or DeLay’s uncomfortablly close relationship with Jack Abramoff; or that he took money from Russian oil exeuctives; or that civil suit from the late 1990s where Delay was accused of perjury and ended up setteling out of court. I guess we could go on, but that wouldn’t be right since Mr. DeLay’s most damaging actions in life have been taking his faith too serious. And if that means breaking the law, then Jesus says, break the law.

And just who is this Rick Scarborough, sorry, Dr. Rick Scarborough? The author of books such as "
Liberalism Kills Kids" [We are not making this up… I wish we were, but we aren’t. Rumor has it it’s the #1 cause of death of children between the ages of 5 and 14… liberalism]. It’s almost as if the far right, or Christian right, or whatever they are is becoming a self parody. And a pretty unfunny one at that too.

Maybe it’s time to move before my head explodes knowing that morons like this are running around DC. And worst yet that ‘intelligent’ guys like DeLay show up at these things. But then again, I’m not that surprised, it’s pretty obvious that DeLay is in it for the money.

Even if you don’t agree with the Guardians’ Kid Killing Liberalism/Leftism politics they’ve got a pretty good thing here where you can subscribe to podcasts of things like the Prime Minister’s Question time among other things. Jolly good, Cheers!

We’re happy to learn that Charles G. Taylor has been arrested and hopefully will be brought to justice. The former president of Liberia is one of the most ruthless and bloodiest men on this Earth (or as the Economist called him “West Africa’s answer to Milosevic”), having ignited wars in West Africa that killed as many as 300,000 and approved and pushed for a countless number of war-crimes. Bringing a man like this to justice may just give the people of West Africa some hope. Hope that men like Taylor will be held reasonable for their actions. And hope that governments that are democratically elected (like Nigeria and Benin for example) can be effective while allowing people a voice.

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