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It’s Monday, and while we do have something some what interesting to write about we aren’t going to do that today because, frankly, we don’t feel like it and we need to do some more research and we’re not into it at the moment…

And instead of boring you with NFL talk… wait before we do that, let’s rip the NFL for a few sentences. Paul Tagliabue said in Sports Illustrated this week something along the lines of ‘baseball is boring it’s like waiting in line at the grocery store.’ Not a good weekend to say that Paul. Those two games yesterday were brutal. I’m not sure they could have been more uninteresting. Serious, just boring games that I didn’t even bother to watch the second half of either game (in fact I didn’t even have the sound on for the Seattle game and didn’t watch after midway though the second quarter). Meanwhile, Kobe goes off for 81 points and the Suns and SuperSonics score about 943 points last night and the NFL gives us two games that I couldn’t find any interest in. But apparently uninteresting games combined with at least 2,488 stoppages and commercials over an almost four hour time frame is ‘fun, interesting, exciting, and can’t miss’. I’ve got news for ya Tags if baseball is boring, the NFL must be used by the CIA as means of torture to gather information from the terrorists. That’s how bad it is right now. Four hours of replays, bad officiating, countless commercials, annoying announcers, and once in a while football. But even then it usually pains in comparison to an NCAA game.

Now we get two weeks of Super Bowl hype when eventually they’ll actually play the game. The game won’t be that good but we’ll all watch because it’s a cultural event more so than a sporting event. It isn’t a game, it’s an event. And as an event and show, it’s fantastic. But from a sport viewing stand point it’s usually a stinker, uninteresting and far too long…

But enough about that already. We here at VFLOAB are bored this morning and we’ve made some executive decisions that we don’t tell enough stories which creates some really boring posts when we reread them two months later… so we’re going to try and spruce things up once in a while. Throw ourselves (and our five readers) a bone. But I don’t really have any interesting stories to tell at the moment (partly because this weekend didn’t provide us with any interesting besides some guy wearing red pants and us doing a power hour, not realizing how intoxicated we were, and me shouting "Milk was a bad choice!" the rest of the night... again nothing too interesting) and reaching back in the memory bank is too tough at the moment… SOOOO we went back to our now second favorite website: this look alike face thingie which takes pictures of your face (or someone else’s) and matches them up with celebrities, something we mentioned a few weeks ago.

SOOOO we scanned eight pictures of the self and these are the results. The site ranks the ‘look a likeness’ on a percentage scale, the ones bellow received at least 50%. From highest to lowest…

Antonio Banderas [I’m at a loss here… I’m not Spanish and have blonde hair… whatever]
Keanu Reeves [Still at a loss… though I’m probably a better actor]
Colin Farrell (x2) [I don’t agree but… there is a picture of my dad from the late 70s and he looks like Mr. Farrell’s twin and seeing that I’m a product of my father, I’ll give ‘em this]
Leonardo DiCapiro (x2) [I’ll take what I can get at this point]
Kirsten Dunst (x3) [Okay whatever, she is a saucy babe and if nothing else I’ve got a leg up on everyone for the role of Dunst’s evil brother in Spiderman 8.]

Kate Winslet [And it’s Titanic night tonight at the Palace Hotel Ballroom]
Harold Pinter [He won a Nobel Prize people! He’s English! And he’s like 70!]
Mel Gibson [Well we are both Roman Catholic…]
Anthony Kiedis [Despite looking like a junkie for a few years in high school, I was never on smack or in an overrated band]
Ben Affleck [Confirm/Deny: No Talent Ass Clown?]
Michael Ballack [He plays football in Germany]
John Cusack [unfortunately High Fidelity has probably affected my life more than it should have… both the book and movie]
Keith Moon [I think this is my favorite mention, I mean Keith Moon? I have never looked like Keith Moon at any point in my life. Never. I couldn’t be more different than Keith Moon (mainly because I’m not insane, a drunk, or a drummer) But still it’s good to see Keith Moon’s name]

And just to prove that I apparently look like a women - these came up in the 40%s
Martina Hingis [After all, we are both Czech]
Elisha Cuthbert [Yay?]
Rita Hayworth (x2) [Twice! She’s one of the few that doubled up on the list! Rita Hayworth!]
Katherine Hepburn [Unlike Hayworth, she is not mentioned in any White Stripes songs]

So there you go. I apparently look like a woman and I’m okay with that because I eat beef, drink beer, and watch sports. Anyone else get anything good or interesting when doing this?

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Otter said...

I forgot to mention the exciting Sixers and T-Wolves game yesterday also when Iguodala caught Webbers miss in mid-air with about .9 left and some how got the shot off and in to win the game.

The more I think about Kobe dropping 81, the more I laugh at the NFL and Tags...