Sometimes I wish that we could do that

After Manchester United was bought by an American, many supporters of the club revolted against the sale and the club. Some even went as far as to start an entire new team in the area. That's right, FC United of Manchester (UMan?) was founded just four months ago.

You've got to admit, that's pretty cool. Don't like the new owners? Well then, we'll just start a new team. Sure the team is at the bottom of English footie, but it's an interesting idea no matter. If FC United ever become anything more than a fringe team what a story that would be. It would take years and millions of quid, but never say never because as Harry Truman said, never is a long, long time. Anyway, what's happening in Manchester is pretty cool in my book.

By the way, I still think Man U fans over reacted when the team was bought a few months ago. As for Manchester United the team? Right now they are in 4th in the Premiership, ten points behind Chelsea (though they do have one game in hand, not that it matters that much). They're on top of their group in Champions League play and should advance to the next round. Not a good start to the year no matter.

I'm sure if we could do that in Chicago neither the White Sox or Cubs would be big time clubs... well the White Sox might still, but the Cubs would be long gone.

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