Too Quick to Judge Roberts

Bush and Roberts
Seeing that 99% of the decisions I've made have made have been bad for this country or put the country back 100 years... here's Johnny!

So Bush nominated Roberts to fill the seat on the Supreme Court that Sandra Day O'Connor left. That's fine, and before we all start patting W on the back or yelling about how Robert's shouldn't be the nominee, let's let him have his day 'in court' as they say. It's now the Senate's job to ask him the questions and find out if he is qualified to fill the seat on the Court. If he is intelligent, insightful, and in touch with American law and opinion, then I think most people will have no problem with Roberts as the next justice. If he's a one of those who says things like "The Constitution isn't a living or breathing document" (no shit!), then maybe we should think twice about him. To expect or hope that W was to nominate a liberal is foolish. That being the case, you cross your fingers and hope that Bush appoints a more moderate or centralist justice, another Justice O'Connor. Roberts may well be that. Or he could be another justice like Clarence Thomas, and therefore have no business on the Court. Only time will tell and it's now the Senate's job to ask him the questions and find out what Roberts thinks about justice, the Constitution, and the country.

Already both sides of the fence are talking up or down Roberts. That's just silly. No one had a clue who this guy was 24 hours ago, to say he's a good or bad choice is beyond stupid. Conservatives seem happy about W's choice, but they're basing their trust on W's decision. And we all know that W hasn't made many good decisions in the five years in office, Iraq anyone? The economy anyone? Meanwhile liberals are gearing up to shoot down Roberts, but for all they know Roberts could be a liberal who backdoored his way into the Supreme Court. Of course that's probably not the case, but the fact is, we just don't know.

But in the now 20 hours since W introduced him as his nominee we can already see what this fight is about: abortion. How abortion became an hot button issue in this country, I'll never know. But it is. What Robert's says about abortion will be the focus over the next few weeks. Time will tell what he says and the reaction to it all. And the most pointless debate in America will continue on.


Anonymous said...

The economy is stronger now than it was during the Clinton years, with unemployment at 5% and growth around 4% and a still strong housing market to boot. No Child Left Behind is the first federally mandated education law that has improved test scores among black students, along with white students. He has teamed up with Tony Blair to offer Africa the largest and most specifically tailored aid package in history, prompting Bob Geldof to call Bush Africa's best friend. And his is the first administration to get Israelis out of Gaza. Hate him if you want, but don't say he hasn't made any good decisions because it's flat out wrong.

P.S. The idea of an organic Constitution that you mock is a LIBERAL idea, not a conservative idea. And it's mainstream to believe in strict-constructionism so I don't know where your critique is based.

Otter said...

The gap between the rich and poor has only increased under W. NCLB hasn't actually taught children anything just how to take a test, and the 13 and 17-year-old stats don't prove that it has worked; the only gains were with 9 year olds. W's arm had to be twisted to give the money to Africa, and last time he promised money to Africa in the State of the Union in 2003 (the AIDS money) was never given. We're stuck fighting God knows after being lied to by the White House in Iraq (and they’ve shown that they’re willing to do anything to prevent people from saying that) while bin Laden and others run around in Asia. The weak dollar and an inflated housing market are keeping the economy at the level it's at and our trade deficit is only becoming larger (while might not be a bad thing, but if it gets too big that’s not a good thing). All the while we're running up a deficit that's nearing out of control. History of course, will be the judge, but I don’t think we need to wait that long. Anyone with foresight can see where this is going.