Recent Media Reviews

Just because I should, here are a few reviews of recent media releases...
As I've posted, I'm enjoying this seasons Real World: Austin. Check it out. Other than that I'm watching the White Sox or a baseball game, the always enjoyable PTI, and various ESPN programs that aren't that interesting. I want less Stu Scott, is that too much to ask for, less of Stu? I caught "Entourage" the other day. I watched it last year, was disappointed in it, but it was just good enough to keep watching. I really don't miss it. It's not that good of a show. If the main characters were not white and male, people would be outraged by it. But since it's white males doing drugs, sleeping around, and being jack asses, it's okay. Whatever.

I haven't seen anything this year, nada. No Star Wars, no Batman, no nothing. I have caught a few films on TV, saw Le Divorce again yesterday. I enjoy that movie for some reason, even though I'm sure most people don't and the characters are a bit, umm, all over the place because there are so many people in the movie. I enjoyed Door to Door on TNT the other night even though it moved too quickly.

Ahh, finally something I'm sort of keeping up with...
The White Stripes, Get Behind Me Satan -- This is just aiight. I mean it's not bad, I don't think the White Stripes could make a crap album, but the album lacks a song that pulls you in. On the whole, the album is just fine. Most of the songs are good, but there isn't anything great partly because Jack is unplugged for the most part and the usual pounding and beat coming from Meg isn't as in your face. "Take, Take, Take" is the best song on the album, but it's nothing really like what the Stripes have done on their last two albums. While I'll never knock a band for maturing and progressing musically, in the process of doing that the band may hit bums in the road as it tries to feel out what they want to do and where they want their music to go. After Elephant, you could say that Get Behind Me Satan is the sort of album, that when we look back at a bands musical career, that bridges the gap from one era to another, ala the Beatles and Rubber Soul.

Bright Eyes, I'm Wide Awake It's Morning -- You know those albums that you don't dislike, that aren't bad, everyone loves, but every song sounds just enough alike and has the same structure, which leaves you wondering why everyone loves it? Well this is that sort of album. It's not bad, it's actually pretty good, but it just sort of is. I guess the lyrics are alright, but I stopped listening to song lyrics years ago since for the most part, they're just crap poetry. And just when I'm will to write this album off suddenly, at the very end, this album explodes into something special. Sure it's only one song and it's the last song, but it's a great song. "Road to Joy" is a play off of "Ode to Joy" but it goes places you don't expect, it builds, it moves, it's classic. And when lead singer Conor Oberst shouts "Make some noise!" all bets are off.

Bloc Party, Silent Alarm -- I've had this for a while. It's good, very good. Good Brit pop or rock, if you're looking for that, good with it. Though with the song "This Modern Love" brings to question why every freakin' band of the past four years has to have a song with "Modern" in it. I know the Underground. But the Strokes jumped all over this four years ago. We don't need Bloc Party, Kaiser Chiefs, and others to do the same.

The Hold Steady, Separation Sunday -- Ever hear a band where the lead singer was so bad he was good? I guess the Darkness come close, but the Hold Steady hold the title. The dude can't sing, but you know what that doesn't matter because they've got cool guitars and drums, and even though I said I don't listen to lyrics, the lyrics here are fun and interesting.

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