The Right to be Stupid and Trafalgar 200 years later

I don't have much to say, but I will throw a few links up there today...

Since I'm moving to DC, I've got to get back to reading the Post. First, an editorial on flag burning. As I said before, just as veterans have fought for our freedom, they've also fought for the right to burn the flag. That's what makes America great, we can burn the flag. Now, I don't like burning, I think it's sort of stupid to be honest, but it's a right and it harms no one. Once again, burning a flag does not harm anyone. Don't ban the ability, no matter how stupid, to burn the flag.

Two-hundred years ago today, the Brits beat the French at sea and pretty much destroyed Napoleon chances at sea at Trafalgar. Go Lord Nelson! But this is one of those battles that if it had gone the other way... who knows what the world would look like today. Anyway interesting review.

Don't know if anyone likes Dave Eggers or has read any of his many publications and writings, but here a link to his monthly lit rag, The Believer. Something to check out, you know.

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