The NBA Draft

Before we get to Bush's lame ass speech last night, two quick things to talk about.

First, it seems that Putin took New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft's Super Bowl ring. This is classic. Gank that shit Val. Gank it! That's funny, folks.

Last night was the NBA draft. I really have no opinions about it, I didn't watch much of it but the little I watched wasn't too interesting. It's pretty obvious that I could run the Toronto Raptors. I don't think Bogut at #1 is that bad of a pick for the Bucks, while he probably won't be a superdooper star, he should be one of the better centers in the league. The Hawks taking Williams isn't a bad pick, but they've got too many 3s as it is. Both Williams and Paul are going to be good players for the Jazz and Hornets respectively. Felton going at 5 was too high. Everyone is saying the Pacers and Boston had the best drafts, and it does look like they got a lot of bang for their buck. But I want to link the Sports Guy's Top 60 moments of the last six or seven drafts (not including last night's draft). My personal favorite is either calling Elgin Baylor "veteran of the lottery process" or Samuel Dalembert jumping on stage and shaking hands with Stern. That was funny.

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