Blast From the Past

Lori Trespicio

The Real World: Austin got me googleing, finding a Real World blog, checking out a few former Real Worlders websites... the funniest being the loser Kyle's from Chicago, I mean words can't describe this website. Check out his bio... check out the pictures. I mean does he look in the mirror every morning and say "I love being shallow! Look at me!" I know, I know, I shouldn't judge others and who the are because of the Real World... but please. Does this man take himself this serious? I feel for him, though a good laugh on the site.

But actually, I've been nearing addiction to Lori's website from Real World X: Back to New York (full name Lori Trespicio). Not sure why I enjoy her site so much... maybe because she has some interesting things to say, actually has some insights and brains, doesn't appear to be totally shallow, doesn't talk about herself only (if that makes sense, there's two ways to talk about your self... talk about what's going on around you and how you feel about it or talking about how awesome you are) and seems just like an interesting person. Yeah so enjoy if you will. Sort of interesting and I liked Lori on the show, I mean I sort of half assed watch NYCII and she seemed cool. But I just think what she writes is sort of interesting.

Of course, after reading all this crap about the Real World, I feel dirty and worthless and totally sucked in by our society and culture... but whatever, Real World binges are always fun for a few hours.

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