Best Job in the World and Wimbledon

A buddy of mine likes to argue that Jim Nantz has the best job in the world. He does the Masters, NCAA tournament, a few other golf outings, and the NFL pregame show. That's it, unless CBS has the Olympics. Those three or four events are all interesting, fun, and special.

But I'm going to disagree with him. Chris Fowler may have the best job in the world. The man does NCAA football and the Grand Slams in tennis. That means he does two weeks in Sidney, Paris, London, and New York... and travels around the country going to different college campus' with Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreet. Not a bad gig. Plus he's got two of the greatest analysis working by his side, Corso and... Brad Gilbert.

Now who is Brad Gilbert? Good question. I guess he's a tennis coach, former coach of Agassi and he played on the tour in the 80s. But he's completely outrageous and sits there with his hands placed palms down on the desk. He looks like a wooden duck. But he just shouts things randomly and has an outrageous website and is one of my favorite TV analysis.


Anyway, Wimbledon is always fun and cool to watch. I like the fact that they are playing on grass. In fact, tennis as a sport is fun to watch usually. It has interesting characters and players... like Sharapova! Maria Sharapova won easily this morning, a great way for one to start his day, waking up turning on ESPN2 and seeing Sharapova defeat her opponent.

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