United Airlines

For reasons I’m sort of unsure about, a judge ruled yesterday that United Airlines could terminate their employee pension programs. United, which is in bankruptcy, argued that it could not emerge from bankruptcy without cutting it’s pension plan to employees. I guess, instead of letting the ‘free market’ run it’s course, the judge in this case decided to take away the pension of thousands of people away. So now the federal government is responsible for those pension plans… your tax dollars at work. Maybe it’s time to let the market run its course and get rid of a few of these airlines. It’s a sad case where a big company can just fault on their pension just for the sake of keeping them afloat. I like United, but this one is a little bogus. The damage has been done with the United case, but hopefully Congress will act before other airlines and car makers also make the same steps. Why pay when you can have the government to it for you? Hopefully not too many employees will be affected by these developments.

This seems like an interesting story to follow over the next few days. Free trade in the Western Hemisphere has been a goal of the United States since basically the 19th century, and with pacts like NAFTA we took a step in that direction. Now the leaders of many Central American countries are making their case to join in on the program in DC.

Glazer is going to try and by Manchester United! Make this stop! Do people realize this has been going on for like a year! Just buy the damn team and piss off everyone in the UK even if they hate ManU because a rich American bought the team…

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