On to the News! Bush on a bike!

This is one of the sadder stories I've seen in a while. The two girls that were killed in Zion, IL this weekend appear to have been killed by one of the little girls father. This is so sad.

But I've got to ask... what is this guy doing around the house? He just got out of jail for taking a chain saw and threatening to kill his wife, in Texas no less. And after that he's back around the family after serving his jail sentence? I don't get it. Still this is a sick man with major problems. I too hope he rots in his cell.

More bombings and death in Iraq. How bad does this have to get before the American public just goes nuts over it? How many people have to die before the public starts protesting and college campus become something like they were in the 1960s? And why does it always have to be conservatives that have to mess everything up, cause the problem that pisses people off, and then twenty years later say, 'those radicals really messed things up twenty years ago' when it was their fault to begin with?

A small plane flew too close to the area it's not suppose to fly into in DC today causing what DC does best... But here's the interesting part of the story... W was biking in Maryland at the time! This man is the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES and last I checked it is WEDNESDAY, not the weekend. What is this man doing on a bike on a Wednesday during the middle of the day? I mean, I don't mind if he's doing this at night or on the weekend... but he realizes that most of the country is at work at the moment? We don't have time to go biking because we have to work. And let me remind you again, THIS IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. This isn't the CEO of Cessna or something. President of the United States... and of course that also brings up the question... what if they had to shoot that plane down? Who's giving that order? You guessed it, Dick Cheney... no way Bush is able to make that call because HE'S ON A BIKE IN MARYLAND. And I don't care how the White House tries to spin this, it's a joke. How did we elected W twice (well one and a half times)? And are we at all surprised that he didn't get anything done on his trip to Europe this week?

And now for some good news, baseball officials are soon to announce that the Baseball World Cup will be next spring. This is fantastic news and one which will probably find yours truly looking for tickets and attending a few of these games. As for an early look at the starting line ups for each country; looks like the US, Dominican Republic, and Venezuela have the best teams. Remember pitching wins... have to worry about Venezuela then.

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