Umm yeah, nothing?

That's how I feel about today's news... nothing. The Guardian tells us the IRA is still recruiting! I say no shit. The New York Times is all pumped about the deal reached in the Senate about the filibuster compromise and votes on judicial nominees! I could careless, this will easily win the most boring, drawn out, and pointless story of 2005. And the Sun-Times is running some stuff on the truck for hire stuff for the 1,384,492th day in a row!

I only caught the first hour of "24" last night, and the show is just so ridiculous that I'm not too upset that I missed the last hour. I think it would be kind of cool if the SLOWEST ROCKET EVER BUILT (launched from Iowa at about 4:00am it still hadn't hit anything as of 6:00am) hit a target just because it would be totally unexpected, but I'm pretty sure Jack figured out how to stop the SLOWEST ROCKET EVER BUILT. (Seriously, think about this, it's about an hour and half flight from Chicago to DC, Iowa isn't too much further from Chicago by air, and wouldn't a rocket travel faster than 737 or 727 Boeing? Easily the most ridiculous show on TV, you have to throw reality out the window when watching "24").

Liverpool vs Milan tomorrow at 2:30pm EST. Is this the biggest sporting event of 2005? Or were those cricket matches between India and Pakistan bigger?

Pitchfork ran their summer reading list of books about music. Books on music or music culture may be the dullest books ever written, until the figure out how to get audio integrated into books on music they will continue to suck. I guess bios are okay, but please people, don't write any more books on music. They just aren't interesting and usually the person writing the book either LOVES the music he/she is writing about or KNOWS NOTHING about the music he/she is writing about. Spare us.

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