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In the news... I'm not sure what to make of this or Iran, but they aren't cool, that's for sure. The entire country is a crock and it's hard to find any positives in the country at the moment. They've got some oil and natural gas right? But is that even a positive? I guess it would be cool to check out the ancient sites there... but umm, not going to be doing that any time soon.

I’ve been wondering this for a while… but why and how is Donald Rumsfeld still Secretary of Defense? Bob Herbert wonders also today how Rummy still has his job. It seems somewhat obvious that Rummy is tight with either Bush or Chaney or both, and that he’s really the third (or second) most important man in DC. I do wonder what Rove thinks of Rummy and if he’s had any say in the matter. No matter, what has gone on under Rumsfeld watch just looks horrible for W and the USA. The abuses that have been going on in American prison camps from Abu Ghraib to Guantanamo Bay to Afghanistan is beyond disgusting and shows how hypocritical that the current administration has when it comes to “non-Americans.” We preach about freedom, liberty, and justice for all… but in fact we do whatever we please to others. I have to question if we, or rather our leaders, actually show respect for anyone in this world. The treatment of these prisoners seems to be more Soviet or Nazi like than “American”. It’s inexcusable and a shame, to the point where I don’t feel proud to be an American. And the man who is over seeing all this, Rumsfeld will stay on as Secretary of Defense because… I’m not sure why. But what a disgrace to this country he has become.

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lg said...

Iran: Not Cool.

Brilliant stuff, Otter. Are you sure there is no way to work a Mike Barz reference into your stuff on a regular basis? It really makes the hit counter whir!