A Good day for the Chicago Tribune

I was taking lunch in the U of C library today and there was a Trib laying around. I picked up a front section and read it for the first time in years. I seen it off and on since 2000, but never really noticed anything special about it... but today I was impressed. Very impressed.

My dad started boycotting the Trib back in the late 80s, we didn't get a Chicago daily until about the mid 90s when I, with my mom's backing, put our foot down (I just wanted to read the sports) so from about fifth grade until I went off to college, I read the Sun-Times every day while eating breakfast. Once in a while in high school I'd take the Trib from the library to read and do the cross word. I always thought it was just aiight. It lacked the Showcase/entertainment, sports, and metro coverage that the CST had; and while it's news coverage was better, it wasn't the NYTimes which I read on weekends or when my dad didn't take it to work.

But after reading today's Trib, I'm impressed. I really enjoyed this article on Muslims at Benedictine University. And I couldn't agree more with this editorial on the dollar bill and the dollar coin. And I agree with the Trib here, for different reasons of course, but the dollar coin is easy to use and much easier to carry. The fact that a dollar doesn't buy more today is yet another reason why to get rid of it.

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