Pope Laid to Rest

Today, or rather this morning is a somber day to say the least. Though, I am more at a point of celebration than sadness for the late Pope. Pope John Paul II led a full life, one where he did more things than we could ever hope to experience. He was a great man in so many ways. Not that he didn't have his faults, shortcomings, and differing political views, but he was a man of courage and faith. And no one can take that away.

Interesting, Cardinal Bernard Law played a major role in the funeral Masses for JPII. Why, I'm not sure. Law if you remember, was the Boston Cardinal that had protected priests who had been accused of sexually abusing children. No matter, this was an incredibly stupid move by the Vatican one, which only frustrates. There is little doubt they could have found a better Cardinal, let alone bishop or priest, to preside over the late Pope's funeral Mass.

Finally, I'm starting to get a little fed up and worried about the comments of him being a saint. The man hasn't even been dead for a week, and people are throwing around the saintly stuff with JPII like it's naming Babe Ruth to your greatest baseball team of all time. He was a great man, but let's give it some time. Some of his views on social issues were not very saintly. Time will tell of course, and he did wonderful things for the Church. But to conclude he is a saint less than a week after his death is jumping to conclusions and can only lead to trouble.

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